Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The trouble with law is lawyers.

[Mark Zandberg]
Please review Edmonds School Board Policy 3300 R-1 and help me understand how the purchase/lease of pianos from the Seattle Piano Gallery complied with this policy...

Please also review RCW 28A.335.190 and help me understand how the same transaction complied with state law...

These questions appear to seek legal advice or opinion. As you are well aware, Patterson Buchanan has been retained to represent Edmonds School District, and provide legal advice on matters of its concern. Should you desire an answer to the questions above, I suggest you consult with your own counsel.

I have and it doesn't.

Editorial: Edmonds School District is a public agency and should have no concern other than that of serving the public. Spending public funds to insulate public servants from public scrutiny does nothing to advance the public's interests.


Anonymous said...

Huh? I don't get it. said...

I was asking the District's attorney how it is possible that the District viewed this transaction as legitimate.

The District's attorney repelled my inquiry - essentially taking the fifth.