Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's the nickels, dimes and $100 bills that add up.

The chain across the driveway at Esperance was left off over the weekend and now piles of trash are popping up like dandelions. The normal course of events would be to have Grounds go out to the site and pick up the bags of trash. It isn't a large pile, but all around the pile are pieces of cardboard and junk that tried to escape in the wind.

I would estimate that from the time someone is dispatched (likely two people) until they return to their normal course of duties, an hour or more could pass. Add the cost of properly disposing the debris and this bit of careless dumping costs more than $100.00.

Of course, one could exert the energy to dig through all of the bags of trash and look for identifying information. Who knows, maybe you'll find my address.

If you do send someone out, could someone please send the bill to Razz Construction. There is no point in the District picking up the tab when all associated fees for using Esperance have been waived. Better yet, give Don a call and have him clean it up.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel alone in the unsecured sight catagory. There are plenty of sites that the district can't seem to get a handle on. But then again, that middle manager has no power, and these breaches will certainly continue until that position is filled by an intelligent and responsible employee. Not me, I'm just a hard worker.

Anonymous said...

I was going to the Snohomish County dump with a pickup load of no longer needed items, which costs $17.00; now I can just go dump my stuff at the Esperance site for "free", after all I am a tax payer in the ESD #15!!

Anonymous said...

Yes please. Dump your trash there, like the district dumped on all the youth soccer players that were scheduled to play on those fields at Esperance the first three Saturdays in November. The districts mess over there caused many kids to miss games those three weeks. Thanx again Edmonds School District. Always acting in the best interest of the public, right? said...

I guess they believe the profit of businesses in Bellingham outweigh the interests of local students and their healthy activities.