Saturday, December 15, 2007

Words of the Day: Fatuous and Maladroit

fat·u·ous /ˈfætʃuəs/ Pronunciation [fach-oo-uhs] –adjective
1. foolish or inane, esp. in an unconscious, complacent manner; silly.
2. unreal; illusory.
[Origin: 1625–35; <>
-ous] —Related forms
fat·u·ous·ly, adverb
fat·u·ous·ness, noun

mal·a·droit /ˌmæləˈdrɔɪt/
Pronunciation [mal-uh-droit] –adjective
lacking in adroitness; unskillful; awkward; bungling; tactless: to handle a diplomatic crisis in a very maladroit way.
[Origin: 1665–75; <>
mal-, adroit] —Related forms
mal·a·droit·ly, adverb
mal·a·droit·ness, noun

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Anonymous said...

pat·sy –noun, plural -sies. Slang. 1. a person who is easily swindled, deceived, coerced, persuaded, etc.; sucker.
2. a person upon whom the blame for something falls; scapegoat; fall guy.
3. a person who is the object of a joke, ridicule, or the like.
4. Edmonds School District school board member