Sunday, January 04, 2009

Richland outshines Edmonds on dealing with bullies.

If the Legislature adopted this as state law, we'd all be better off. Note that this policy includes all school district employees, volunteers, etc. They MEAN it.

A story was related to me of a district teacher who had called out a student for bullying other students; the student retaliated by starting vicious rumors about the teacher; the principal called the student AND her parents in and told the student that she WAS a bully and would have to apologize to the teacher and go around to EVERYBODY she told the lie to and confess to them that she had lied. Fairly strong response. This showed students and other bullies that they can't get away with it easily and bullying DECREASED. Imagine that!

Kansas and Florida provided "everybody" protection, too.

Little known fact-useful at your next party: In Arkansas, a parent or guardian who "abuses" superintendents, principals, teachers or bus drivers can be fined $10-$50.


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Anonymous said...

It was more intended as an example of "another one of those 'silly' laws."

But just imagine if there actually WAS a fine for bullying subordinates. How much would that cost the District?