Friday, January 30, 2009

Heavy traffic from a 49er fan in Spokane.

I know there hasn't been a lot of new entries on the blog recently, but there has been a lot of traffic.

One heavy hitter comes from a dental office in Spokane, Washington. Network connectivity is provided by Apria Healthcare in Costa Mesa, California and the regular user of the computer is also a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Just the other day the following post was made at

Posted by Longtime 49er Fan on 1/26/2009, 4:01 pm, in reply to "Paraphrase"

I am still looking at 2 years from now as being the possible true breakout season that speaks of some sort of national presence. This team will have a lot of size in the frontcourt by then with Richardson, Chang, Vantrimpont, Robinson, Montgomery, Phelps, and Wilson; and even good SG size with Anderson. All of them will have some to strong experience by then.

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Paraphrasing Dansk AFTER the game:
We have a nice crowd, we're on local TV and we step on our &*%K$. Oh well, that's Long Beach State. The byword henceforth is realism. Be realistic about what this young team can accomplish THIS season. Many didn't think we'd win even 10 games much less be leading the pack in conference play.

And an even more recent post...

Posted by Longtime 49er Fan on 1/29/2009, 2:55 pm, in reply to "Re: Morris Game-Time Decision Tonight"

Robinson and Anderson have long since deserved to start. Now is the time.
Until Morris returns:
New lineup:

That lineup isn't too short.

Key subs become:

Lazdauskas really can only supply a minute here and there each game, as his game is severely limited for division 1.

This visitor has been focusing much of their attention on matters related to the Superintendent. However, most recently they have been spending time reading about the purchase of contaminated land and the blog's response to the parent letter sent out in an attempt to "circle the wagons".


Anonymous said...

Right there should tell you, that person is lost. A 49er fan living in Spokane. The only good thing in Spokane is sheep, hockey and ice cold woman.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of this Spokane gentleman's, um, shortcomings or whatever you're trying to say about him, there's absolutely no evidence he is a San Francisco 49ers fan. A Long Beach State basketball fan, yes.