Saturday, January 03, 2009

The blog has readers all over the world.

Someone in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan is searching for Nick's email address.

IP Address:
ISP: National Wimax/ims Environment
Entry Page Time: 3rd January 2009 11:24:50
Visit length: 9 mins 12 secs
Browser: Firefox 3.0
Resolution: 1024x768
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Returning Visits: 0
Entry Page: August 2007
Exit Page: September 2007
Referring URL:

My archives (of just the last 500 entries) also reveal a lot of activity in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A total of 18 hours, 48 minutes and 31 seconds.

Oddly, someone in Tabriz, East Azarbaijan, Iran has been reading about the Piano Scam.

Well, to our international readers... Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

The worldwide readers are wondering why the Edmonds School District has a Classified Director referring to kids as "Pesky". That would get my attention too. Maybe not if I was in Pakistan. But anyway, Birdsong should tell those pesky waitresses at that pesky ole Alderwood Red Robin to fill that pesky glass with more of that pesky bourbon so she can return to her pesky cubicle to think of another pesky theraputic one liner to send to that pesky "All Staff
' when intended for only a pesky few. Pesky oops! Can you be a pesky idiot? I think so. I bet you'd never refer to that Red Robin Lunch Buzz as pesky. However do you ever get a pesky hangover? You're prime staff for that pesky Mariners Bunch next spring.

Anonymous said...

Do they have pianos in East Azerbaijan? Perhaps someone needs to go on a "trade" mission!!