Friday, August 29, 2008

A great reputation can fizzle with just one bad leader.

What would you do if you ran a school district and wanted to elevate your image? You might have your community relations manager throw together an invitation and send it out like SPAM to every real estate broker in the region. You might plan a little get together with all of these real estate brokers that are bound to appear and engage them in constructive discussions regarding the rapidly eroding reputation of your beloved district. You might just have a pile of cookies and a few gallons of coffee at the ready for the inevitable throng of brokers clamoring to provide feedback.

That meeting took place last Tuesday, from 1:00-2:30 PM, in the ESC.

The grand total in attendance was just 4 (four), and 25% of them were related to the moderator of this blog.

Essentially, the Edmonds School District has an image problem. Real estate agents used to describe the Edmonds School District as "desirable", now that adjective has fallen from common use. People used to ask their real estate agents to restrict their search for homes to the Edmonds School District, but no longer. People with children used to pay a little more for homes in the Edmonds School District, but no longer. People used to respect the decisions made by district management, but no longer.

This image problem won't go away overnight with a few cookies and a cup of coffee. A great reputation takes years to develop and one bad superintendent to destroy.

It's almost as if every real estate broker in the region has been reading this blog and has given up on the Edmonds School District. A person might be tempted to believe that the community relations manager isn't the only person with an email list for brokers.

When 25% of the attendees showed up a few minutes late, she slipped in and was welcomed with a large grin and a packet of information from a certain assistant superintendent. The Superintendent came over to shake her hand. Then, the District's community relations manager asked this late arrival to introduce herself and upon doing so, Nick and Marla made a quick exit.

I suppose they wanted to leave the impression that important people have more imperative things to do.

The "Realtors Roundtable" was described as follows:

Homebuyers seek communities with great schools and Snohomish County's largest school district offers just that. We want to help you help us ensure that potential homebuyers know that as well!

Superintendent Nick Brossoit will provide a District Update focused on what we are doing to support student learning, our well-managed financial resources and capital project work, and
our increased efforts to ensure all students are learning.

We look forward to working with you!


Anonymous said...

Well, since the meeting was a "farce", were the cookies any good?

Also, WASL scores were available to schools this week and perhaps the Nickster wanted to say a few good words about the district before the newspapers printed those WASL scores.

Anonymous said...

Then he should have stayed longer than just a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

I would like clarification, please: When the woman who went to the meeting a wee bit late, and introduced herself, Nick and Marla left the room? What were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

Flight or fight.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much this boondoggle cost?

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Chuck! said...

"Flight or fight", that is amusing.

My wife was under the impression that Nick and Marla may have thought I was parking the car and would be joining the discussion shortly.

I hope the custodian was able to extract the skid marks from the carpet.

Anonymous said...

BTM would be happy lend ESC the 402 to to clean the carpet. Were there any other stains from past situations that would require a carpet replacement?