Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Exit Items" reveal that Gary Noble must go.

There was an Exit Conference on April 23, 2008, where the Edmonds School District was notified of the following Exit Items. Among them is the issue regarding Gary Noble and his status on the Board.

The State Auditor "recommends" that either Gary Noble resign or that Board Policies be revised to allow this conflict of interest to occur.

Exit Items

General Disbursements - Segregation of Duties

The system where purchase requisitions and purchase orders are created (WESPAC) allows an individual with Level 2 Authority to both create and approve purchase orders. Additionally, those with the ability to approve may edit a Purchase Order created by another individual and approve the purchase order without a second level of review.

We recommend additional controls be implemented to create a segregation of duties between who creates and approves a purchase order.

Procurement Card Procedures

Credit card reconciliations and supporting documentation are not all reviewed by each employee's supervisor prior to payment, as required by District policy. The District's policy does not outline the maximum amount for meal expenses while an employee is in travel status, nor are there guidelines regarding maximum meal expenses allowed. Finally, online procedures do not always agree with the procedures in practice.

We recommend that each employee's supervisor review supporting documentation such as invoices, receipts and credit card statements and sign the credit card reconciliation before payment. We recommend that the District implement a policy outlining maximum amounts for meal expenses while in travel status and that the estimated meal expense is included on the B-100 Travel Authorization. We also recommend that procedures be followed or revised.

Board Policies: Conflict of Interest

Board Policies 6810 and 1260 conflict with each other. Policy 6810 allows no person to be employed by the District if they are a spouse of a Board Member while 1260 allows for exceptions as prescribed by law.

We recommend that the most stringent policy be followed or policies be revised.


The District is not correctly calculating FTE based on minutes of instruction and passing time, but is currently in the process of addressing the issue.


Anonymous said...

I vote to get rid of Kay.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Kay Noble is taking a leave of absence from teaching this year since Gary is now retired from Boeing.
What's an exit conference?

Anonymous said...

The statement herein, is clear; one of the Noble's must go! Is the "District" listening?

Anonymous said...

come on its time for new leadership now! Nick must go! Marla must go! the short fat guy up stairs needs to go! Debby really needs to go! last one the new cathey in Hr need to get lost.
I'm tried of the hour and 1/2 lunchs.....

Anonymous said...

we all play by your rules Mr nick. now its time for you to do the same mr nick.
you will learn in time some of your rules are wrong but thats the way the district goes.

read it, love it and live with it.


Anonymous said...

If you are truly interested in uncovering unlawful or unethical actions, why can't you be factual in your reporting. The information posted conflicts with your statement about Gary Noble. The only facts I see in the "Board Policies: Conflict of Interest" is they identified a conflict between the two policies. One policy prohibits employment of Board member spouses and the other allows exemptions as prescribed by law. Where does it say "The State Auditor "recommends" that either Gary Noble resign or that Board Policies be revised to allow this conflict of interest to occur."

If you are going to be some advocate, quit misrespresenting the facts. Most of what you report is taken out of context and doesn't report all the facts, which does nothing but undermine your creditability. Sure the office was redesigned and it cost ten thousand dollars, but you didn't report the rest of the facts, such as the decision and contract to revise the cubicles was made prior to the decision to combine 2 manager jobs. The staff reporting to the new warehouse manager asked to be moved to the warehouse after the fact. You didn't report the cost savings the district will incurr by combining the warehouse manager position with another manager position. You only choose to report what serves your vindictve motives.

Have you ever reported that the infamous property the District purchased did was tested several times and found not to have hazardous waste present. No I didn't think so.

You write as if you are so pure. Fact is you used confidential information you gained as the property manager for ESD to write a letter to the editor as a private citizen and then got upset when the district tried to reign you in. Grow up and taking your consences like any 5 year old would.

I agree with holding public officials accountable, but I also believe in honest, factual reporting. I don't believe in selective fact reporting to misrepsresnt the truth of the matter.

I won't leave my name, because Lord knows you would just manipulate that and be even more vindictive.

A concerned citizen.