Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tech savvy, disgruntled employee wreaking havoc.

From: Miller, Marla (ESC)
Sent: Monday, September 17, 2007 8:27 AM
To: Christopher Cortines; Lou Adams
Cc: Sadie Armijo
Subject: FW: Regarding Diagnostic Survey

Good Morning, Chris and Lou,

I would appreciate your review and intervention in a situation regarding the diagnostic survey for Edmonds School District's performance audit. I'm forwarding to you an email correspondence our superintendent has had with Tatia, and would welcome an opportunity to talk with you sometime today, if possible.

Lou, I tried calling your number just now and received your voicemail message that you will be out of the office until next Monday. Chris, could you perhaps help take a look at this with me?

We have a tech savvy, disgruntled employee who has been wreaking havoc with the district since last June. He has a few supporters within the district office, and every e-mail sent to all employees is being posted on his blog, with sarcastic and ridiculous inferences. He has posted the link to the survey, and we do not believe the survey has integrity at this time.

Please feel free to look at the blog - a lot of it includes allegations about me that are not true, and I have no problem with anyone asking legitimate questions about the issues he raises. I have received numerous public records requests as a result of his unhappiness and his blog, and have responded to some but also am still pulling together documents for others. We are trying to get school open at the same time!

At any rate, I appreciate any help you can provide. My number is 425.431.7036. The blog is at

I'll be in a meeting for a couple of hours this morning, but if you get this and have time to call, please contact my assistant Sherri at 425.431.7052, and she will pull me out of the meeting and I'll call you right back.

Thanks for any guidance and assistance you can provide. The employee currently has filed a claim and wants to be paid money by the district - I believe it's called blackmail, and we are not buying it. Our Risk Pool has gotten involved.


Cc: Sadie Armijo, Audit Manager

Blog: I find it perplexing how someone could claim they are being blackmailed when the potentially injurious revelations may have already been revealed. Blackmail normally involves the suppression of information in exchange for something of material value. Is there a correlation between the manner in which I was constructively terminated and the information revealed in this blog? Would payment of any kind result in the end of this blog?


Anonymous said...

Who was supposed to fill out the Tech Survey (I don't remember it at all.) What kind of questions did it ask?

Anonymous said...

Hey Marla,
Your Risk Pool are in the work room microwaving their second lunch. You need to settle down. If you really cared you would have a different Risk Pool. There are many Emails floating around the district, so I don't feel particularly interested in your sreaming,crying,whining,bleeding heart concerns. Really who cares about you? Let's take a poll! What do you think Mark? I am not really interested in her trivial,piss ant concerns. Sweet Cheeks you never followed up on my concerns. Look for a different group to cry to. And "Blackmailing?" How dare you!!!! Get in your poor attempt at going green and drive to the next dealership! You are no scientist! said...

I am still chuckling that she refers to me as an employee on September 17, 2007. My last day was more than three months earlier.

Talk about leaving an impression.

Anonymous said...

Good point that you weren't an active employee. Some might think it a minor oversight on her part, however, it makes a great deal of difference to distinguish between a current and former.

Otherwise, some folks might think that George H.W. Bush is still the president. said...

After being invited in, I sit in her living room, sipping from a cup of coffee that I brought from home. The host stands up, shoots me in the chest and then threatens to sue for bleeding on her carpet.

Anonymous said...

disgruntled employee? This is a disgruntled employee. Chuck Penney

Anonymous said...

Chuck is disgruntled. And he is a current employee. Not many people get to go out like he did. Still more on his terms. Hey is that little "Rebel" an automatic?

Anonymous said...

I would point out again, as I did previously, that to be "disgruntled" is to be "made disagreeable" which means that something is being done TO you, a force is acting ON you. Marla therefore ADMITS that Mark has been mistreated by the District, otherwise he would not be "disgruntled."