Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The number "4" has never been so costly.

From: Miller, Marla (ESC)
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 2:43 PM
To: @Office Mgrs; @P- 12
Subject: New Facility Use Procedures and Rates Posted to District Website

Good afternoon,

Electronic access to the new facility use procedures (board policy 9200 R-1) is now up and running, with many, many thanks to JoAnn Kerns and Jennifer Aaby! The following link will take you to the revised procedures and updated rate schedules:

The new Facility Use Permit (Form A-170) is on schedule to be printed and ready to distribute by September 1 (thank you, Eddie!) -- we will get the updated forms to you just as soon as possible. Clint Goodison is also preparing electronic access to the list of organizations and vendors with current insurance certificates on file with the District; we will let you know just as soon as that information is available on-line.

Thanks again for all your suggestions and help in consistently implementing these facility use procedures and fees across the District. If you have questions, or would like us to set up a meeting to go over the procedures, please let Stephanie Hall, Brian Harding, or me know.

Have a great day,


I have a question. Why would members of the community have to call the Director of Facilities and Operations to schedule a parking lot? The time it takes him to reach for the telephone would already burn more than the $5.00 the District would earn in providing the parking lot.

The following is pulled directly from the
District's website:

To arrange for the use of a school, please contact the school directly. If you would like to rent fields, please contact Athletics at (425) 431-7153. Parking is handled through Property Management at (425) 431-7334. You may also email either department via the following links: Athletics & Property Management.

The blog recommends changing the contact number to (425) 431-7331.


Anonymous said...

I've been providing input to Marla on this policy for the last several months. I must say that it is a huge improvement over the previous, convoluted policy.

There are, however, a number of concerns that are raised with this policy with respect to the activities of parent volunteers. I raised these issues to the board and Nick at the last meeting of the board. The board members I spoke with and Nick himself were concerned enough to arrange a meeting with Marla, Nick and myself to address them. I have confidence that once these issues are presented, the right solution will be put in place. As of right now, all PTA activities (except for general membership meetings) must be paid for by the parent group (taking the money out of the pocket of the kids). In addition, and fund raiser that invites "non-members", are charged at a Group III rate (why you would have a fund raiser EXCLUDING people from the outside is beyond me). I understand that this may be a "mis-interpretation" of the rate schedule; but the purpose of the policy and the rate schedule is to make everything clear.

Our meeting is early in September before the next board meeting. I look for a successful outcome.

I'm not really sure where the need for a $5 fee for parking came from. I have a hard time believing that it is intended for an individual use. I would invite the district to post what their intent was behind this. It seems more like if you want to rent the entire parking lot, for a period of time, you can for $5 (such as for a fund raiser). said...

I would be happy to meet with you over coffee and chat about past parking practices. Drop me a line. said...

The $10 scheduling fee was put in place back when the process was performed by an employee earning less than $30,000 per year.

According to this recent letter, the process is now being initiated, then delegated, by an employee earning more than $110,000 per year.

Therefore the scheduling fee should become at least $40.

Anonymous said...

The last property manager designed and updated websites. I guess community relations is picking up that part of the position's work.