Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enriching another friend of management.

Here is another clear case of playing favorites, Edmonds School District style.

An employee in Maintenance, we'll call her PM, sought and received permission from her supervisor to work a peculiar shift. Apparently, she worked the first full week and every Friday of each month. Our staff is still reviewing the details, but so far, the records provided by the Auditor appear to substantiate this.

When her hours were counted, it was determined that in some months she worked less than she was paid and in other months she worked more than she was paid. The net impact was a few thousand dollars in her favor, so the District placed her on administrative leave while they investigated the matter further. The end result was that her job was eliminated, she was required to repay the deficit and work the remaining days of her employment without pay.

Another employee in Human Resources, we'll call her NB, took an extended leave of absence. During this leave of absence, she received payment from AFLAC to alleviate some of the pressure of meeting financial obligations without working. In order to receive this service, participants normally pay premiums in advance of collecting the benefit. However, no premiums have ever been paid by the employee and it was only as she was departing employment for her leave of absence that she claimed to be covered by AFLAC.

The District apparently never contributed to AFLAC on behalf of NB. The District never deducted the premiums from her paycheck. NB never noticed that her pay stub showed no evidence of payment for these premiums. But somehow, the District agreed to pay all of NB's past premiums with the intention of seeking reimbursement from NB. But of course, no such reimbursement has taken place.

So, why would the District go out of their way to seek reimbursement from one employee and not another? The State Auditor even recommended the District contact the police and file a report regarding the overpayment of wages, but the AFLAC issue has yet to be reported to anyone.

Maybe it isn't true. Maybe it was an honest mistake. Maybe a plan has been hatched. Maybe somebody should ask district management. The blog can't ask all of the questions.

Blog: We are not the only ones that don't trust the District.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was a manager who we'll refer to as CP, AKA Porn King. It was and is proven that he was not turning in his HR 100's for his vacation time. The rest of his absences are another story. But anyway, leave statements were proof positive. Funny how his pay stubs didn't ring a bell to him either. The district will never attempt to recover all the lost time that he and his wife stole. Oh yeah,let's refer to her as TP. AKA Snohomish county school district traveler. Would there be any other connections, relationships, or similarities between NB,CP, and TP? I wonder? Should we explore this? Nah, for the moment I will spare the district further embarrassment. They know. The Friends and Family plan is losing members at an alarming rate!

Anonymous said...

Dear Deb,
I came to you and barbra about chucks time.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about Mr penneys time folks.
Chuck was paid for more than 30 days.
I have the leave statements.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Penney, maybe should pay back some of his time too.

Anonymous said...

Debby Carter and Barbra Lloyd, I think its time for you two to come clean about Chuck and Traci Penneys time.
It was a big cover up!
It sucks to help steal money from kids and get caught.

I will go public with all I have and I do have alot of goods in my little black bag.

You know who this is so come talk to me soon.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Penney,
What about the letter that fell in my lap?

Anonymous said...

When it comes to pay I believe their is more money being lost in this process then anything else. If your office friend decides to pay you overtime that they didn't really earn who is to say it never happened. Most supervisors aren't around enough to know.

The district doesn't have a leg to stand on this issue.