Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Government is fat, lazy and stupid but has a cute smile.

Mr. Zandberg:

I note with interest on your ESD weblog the State Auditor's Campaign and your remark regarding the slogan. I had the same thought and sent Brian Sonntag an email. Here is the email and his response. I thought this might interest you. I'm not sure what to make of this other than to provide another example of how some efforts by state government to make an enterprise cover all situations results in the original message being rendered largely incomprehensible.



From: [Deleted]
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 5:19 PM
To: Brian Sonntag

Subject: Brochure

Mr. Sonntag:

Your office has published a brochure which on the cover asks, "Have you seen fraud, waste, abuse or efficiency in state or local government?" I believe the word "inefficiency" was intended instead of "efficiency". The word "efficiency" is used twice in the brochure where reasonably the word "inefficiency" was intended.

I am not discounting of course the possibility that ironic humor was intended.



Mr. [Deleted]:

Thanks for your comment on our brochure. I agree with you that the word "inefficiency" would read smoother. However, when the Legislature passed the law creating this program they had much debate over the words and their effect. The sentiment was to provide an opportunity for people to report examples of efficient or effective government efforts. I assure you there was no attempt at ironic humor on our part. Maybe we can come up with a better way to explain this on future publications.

Thanks again.

Brian Sonntag
Washington State Auditor


Anonymous said...

I see something coming...

District management violated the law, diverted public funds to enrich friends and associates, fabricated evidence to justify the theft of millions and abused the public trust in the most revolting way... but no crime was committed.

Love, Brian Sonntag

Anonymous said...

Well, one might presume that those responsible for this publication were educated in the Edmonds School District - that would explain everything.

Anonymous said...

can we just help the kids people. I hate to see all this money go down the drain. The payrol at the top just makes me sick with anger.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, was NOT educated in the Edmonds School District, butI do live in the the District and pay taxes, which are unwisely spent, and am truly interested in the outcome of the isues brought forth in the BLOG.

Anonymous said...

The original post describes my supervisor. Not so much the cute smile part. Three outta four ain't bad. Horseshoes, hand grenades, dancing, and a supervisor.

Anonymous said...

I did not attend any schools in the state of washington but I do pay taxes in the edmonds district and I vote NO on May 20th.

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes you wonder about the idiots in the auditor's office, doesn't it? They must be cut from the same cloth - whatever you do, never admit you made a mistake!

Anonymous said...

That describes my supervisor too! Never makes any mistakes, but sure seems to cost alot.