Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blog welcomes Thompson and Delay to our forum

Our webmaster recently revealed that a new participant has joined our little community of readers. The law firm of Thompson and Delay appears to be looking for a case. Unfortunately, no one is drinking and driving here. We do have someone that occasionally drinks and blogs, but in this state, that is not yet illegal.

The entry of greatest interest appears to be this article
and I can see why. While I don't know the author, I would imagine the connectivity they display has rattled a nerve or two. Perhaps someone feels threatened, endangered or defamed by the opinions expressed in the entry. Perhaps the statement that certain people have "no brains" has been taken literally, as if someone actually peered through an ear hole or two.

They also appear to be interested in district salaries
. But then, who wouldn't be. With all of the cash being handed out to friends of management, it warrants an objective evaluation by a Seattle law firm.

Whatever the case, we welcome readers from all walks of life and warmly embrace the opportunity for a lively debate. After all, we are just trying to get to the bottom of these scandals and so far, we haven't hit bottom.


Anonymous said...

I googled Thompson and Delay and they have a very nice website. They are also located in the Smith Tower in downtown Seattle--I love the Smith Tower--it's beautiful!!! Maybe the blog could take a field trip there sometime!!

Here's some info from their website: "Daniel Thompson & Paul Delay founded Thompson & Delay in 1990 to emphasize representation of the injured and disabled. Thompson & Delay's Practice focuses on:
1) Personal Injury and Insurance Claims
2) Death Claims
3) Brain Injuries-Adults and Children
4) Injuries at Sea-Fishermen, Processors, Crabbers, Trawlers, Deckhands, Tugs and Barges and Cruise

I swear, I didn't make that up!

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a relationship with the former Tracy (Thompson) of Human Resources?

Anonymous said...

I know who that girl is.
the can't show up for work girl.
the district valley girl " fur shur" check out her boss, Shes never their either.. out for lunch all day.. Tax payers, listen this goes on all the time.

All I can say is " Exempt"

Anonymous said...

I think they sued King county about 12 yrs ago.
About working subs and working over hours for part time work.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they plan to represent all those injured and disabled by the current administration. Not to mention representing all the crabbers and deckhands.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? Now we will have a second Seattle law firm billing the District for reading the blog? Was it too much for one?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is too much. With Deb and Barb at the M's games, the district is in need of somebody to answer phonecalls. Chuck is not capable. Hence, he is out the door. said...

I don't believe the District is sending money to Thompson and Delay. Perhaps while a member of district staff was sitting at home, recovering from a hostile work environment, they saw a commercial between episodes of People's Court and Maury Povich.

Anonymous said...

She is still recovering from the Hostile Work Environment. And I heard her husband was recovering with her on this beautiful Monday. Good luck to them. Do they carpool in the job hunting lane?