Thursday, April 10, 2008

Those in charge are the problem

Every taxpaying citizen in Washington should be outraged at the revelation that the Northshore School District's administrators, who are paid $100,000 on average, also receive $1,800 to spend on personal technology. If that isn't bad enough, these arrogant public servants have the gall to justify this travesty with "we work long hours without extra pay." I didn't realize that "extra pay" was part of the $100,000 package, while our teachers, who are most responsible for success in the classrooms, work for less than half of administrator salaries. Now we know why more of our hard-earned tax dollars are not making it to the classrooms!

The problem with our public schools isn't necessarily that they need more funding. The problem is that unions and out-of-touch administrators are running them. If we truly want reform, then it's time to turn off the reality TV shows, and put our time and energy where it matters! The other discernible difference would be to fire both our governor and the Legislature, as they continually claim to be "for the children," yet refuse to hold those responsible for the lack of results in our public schools accountable. Re-election seems to trump standing for our kids.

Kerri Lonergan


Anonymous said...

Please think before you vote to "fire" the governor. Dino (Flintstone) Rossi is the man behind several years of ZERO cost-of-living adjustments for anyone in education. His approach to funding education will make Gregoire look like Bill Gates.

Anonymous said...

Over the past few years I have made repeated requests for some conventional hand tools so I can do my job more efficiently. These too I guess could be considered items of luxury depending on who you talk with. A basic tool kit would be under 50 dollars, and would be used almost daily. The alternative is to let some specialized department in the district perform these simple repairs at an outrageous labor and parts rate. I could quietly do the work myself, but who the hell would want somebody having too much fun on the job, when you can have unhappy employees everywhere, at five times the price? This crap could go away as well. Oh wait... But then we would find out who the real calorie burners are, and which plant life likes to ride the bus. Can we work on this?

Anonymous said...

Well written article and so true; after 5 years of college, a teacher can barely make ends meet, plus they have student loans to pay for. Just isn't fair that administrators get the big bucks, never have to deal with children, recess duty, bloody noses, special needs kids. There is a need for business management, but the salaries at the "top" are outrageous and unfair.