Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Evergreen gets a temporary stay of execution.

On the Board's agenda this evening was a second action involving the closure of Evergreen Elementary. Unfortunately, the item was dropped from the agenda because, according to Nick, adequate public notice had not been provided through the Everett Herald. It was felt that the District met the notification requirements with all of the discussion provided in the paper, but they had not provided adequate formal notice.

The matter will be taken up in March of 2009.

I find it odd that Nick Brossoit is concerned about the provision of adequate notice when closing an elementary school but not when declaring district property surplus. Old Woodway Elementary was supposed to be declared surplus through a formal notification that was to appear in the Everett Herald. Unfortunately, the formal, District process for notifying the public of the action to declare the site surplus was not followed. Count how many times the notification appeared and compare that number with the actual total required.

Now that Nick has demonstrated that he knows what proper notification entails, perhaps he would be kind enough to inquire as to the process involving Old Woodway Elementary. I would love to be proven wrong.

While I am pleased that Nick is honoring the process regarding the closure of an elementary school, I am saddened that less of a concern was shown to the residents around Old Woodway Elementary.

Blog: Woodway Elementary was closed since adequate notice was provided regarding the closure of that school.


Anonymous said...

If only we could blame the Herald for more of our problems!!

Anonymous said...

Why exactly are they changing Terrace Park from a K-8 to a K-6? Originally they said they might need about 200 spots at Terrace Park to house Evergreen students. Now it seems like there will be fewer than 100 "pesky kids" transferring to Terrace Park. Why not move some of those kids to other schools and save the K-8 program? What's the real story here--anybody know?
Another question: Since the Board ok'd the creation of a middle school gifted program at Brier-Terrace, would Terrace Park's 7-8 program have been completely dismantled by the creation of the gifted program? I don't understand. Please help.

Anonymous said...

Whose J-O-B is it to check for public notices? Really. What the ^&*% do these district people do for a living, anyway???

Anonymous said...

where did Kevin Mooney, MDH tech guy go? Please help. He's gone for some reason, maybe we have a new porn king.

Anonymous said...

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He knows if you been bad or good.
I hope this year coming will be worst than last year for you and your friends.
I will do my best to make that wish come true. My little friend with big dreams or just wet dreams.
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Anonymous said...

Marla didn't see you today, you must put in a sick day. That form is a HR 100.I know a lot of you don't put you time down.

Rick Jorgensen said...

Dear Anonymous,

No, you understand it perfectly well, and well said I might add. There is a plan afoot by Nick and he is moving the pieces around the Board (get it??) to achieve his objectives. Forget facts, forget logic, forget process, appease the parents that actually bring up issues properly, follow what you want to achieve your objective.

All that happened is that Evergreen gets one more year. By then, the TPS kids will be moved out and there will magically be "room". He plays the game very well, doesn't he?

ESD15.org said...

Evergeen will close at the same time as Woodway. The Board had already decided to close the site before CPC met to discuss whether it should happen. The March meeting is just the slight delay in the official process of killing a school.