Sunday, December 07, 2008

Property Management website needs to be updated.

First of all, I thought it was Facilities Operations. Not Facilities AND Operations. Not Property Management. If the District wants people to find the appropriate website, they really should use the proper names for their departments.

Second, the tax parcel number site hasn't been updated in two years. The Old ESC site is no longer pending. That deal fell apart when the City wanted to build their own hotel next to the convention center, instead of across 196th. Where is that hotel anyway?

Third, Old Woodway Elementary is described as Surplus and not as Sold. Gee, I thought the District "sold" that site?

Fourth, the North Road Property really should be called New Lynnwood High School.

Fifth, Scriber Lake High School is incorrect.

Sixth, Woodway and Evergreen will need to be updated shortly, as well.

Of course, updating a website cannot be a task that moves upstream like the rest of the responsible person's work. The talent isn't upstream. It will have to move downstream and downstairs to Community Relations.


Anonymous said...

That job hasn't been the same since you left.

Anonymous said...

The job hasn't been done since you left. In fact the only thing that even works part time on the second floor is the elevator.

Anonymous said...

Love the humor here! Soooo true!

Anonymous said...

What about all the overtime being given out. There might be a person or persons making over $25,000 dollars from overtime. Yes, I did say $25,000 in overtime.