Saturday, October 04, 2008

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Edmonds schools could save $1.9 million over five years by using special software to increase efficiency on bus routes for special education students, the audit found.

Software is used to plan all Edmonds bus routes, but the district doesn't always follow the software's recommended routes for children in special education programs, Assistant Superintendent Marla Miller said. Following the auditor's recommendation would involve moving some children with special needs to other schools.

"It would make some kids stay on the bus longer," Miller said. "Even though it would be less costly for transportation, it wouldn't be right for the kids."

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Let me get this straight.

The Auditor is recommending that the Edmonds School District fully-utilize software they already use in an effort to more efficiently operate their transportation department.

That makes sense.

District management claims they do not fully-utilize the software because "it would make some kids stay on the bus longer".

What will happen to transportation costs - and the length of time kids stay on the bus - if Woodway and Evergreen are closed?

So, the District has decided to burn $1,900,000.00 over five years to accommodate the transportation needs of a few kids, but will quickly close two elementary schools and uproot hundreds to save a similar amount. Of course, the closures will result in more transportation costs that have yet to be quantified.

What happened to the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few?


Rick Jorgensen said...

Or the ONE? MAYBE? Who really knows....

I wonder HOW MANY kids are actually affected and by HOW MUCH? When addressing a potential cost savings of almost $2million, it seems that the board should be asking for some hard numbers to back up that general contention that "more kids will be on the bus longer". One one hand, Ms. Miller supports a "one size fits all" approach and another "we need to customize our approach" without rhyme nor reason.

Too many times, these statements are incorrect and without substance that are only exposed when challenged. The Board has an obligation to provide that oversight.

On another note, this would be a good opportunity for Ms. Miller to move out of the spotlight and allow her Director of Transportation to speak on his own behalf and be accountable for those decisions. We pay a lot of money for their expert advise and they need to stand up and be counted to support the positions they are directly accountable for.

Anonymous said...

The same can be said of the Director of Food Service (cheese sandwiches) and the Director of Facilities (facility use policy).

It is definitely a way to make people believe that you are so very important - if your underlings haven't got a clue.

Anonymous said...

Another bullying technique: take credit for other people's work.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! More people are questioning why Marla Miller is taking over her manager's responsibility!