Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This application should not have been shared.

There are some records that just shouldn't be provided to the public, particularly when a public agency has legitimate RCWs to support the protection of such documents.

RCW 42.56.250 exempts from public inspection all applications for public employment, including the names of applicants, resumes, and other related materials submitted with respect to an applicant, and typically those items would not be provided in response to a public records request.

I wasn't startled to discover Marla's Bachelor of Arts degree in Public School Music and English from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. I was more alarmed by the fact that her application contained just three periods of employment. First, from September 1977 until March 1978 she worked for a Chamber of Commerce in Moorhead, Minnesota. It seems like the sort of job one might take upon exiting college, lasting just seven months.

Marla's second job was with WSIPC, located in the building currently known as Alderwood Early Childhood Center. She started in June 1979 and left in March 1989, apparently due to the birth of twins. Her supervisor was a man named Al Huff, who I have recently come to discover is her husband.

The third and final job on her District application was as the owner/operator of Software Support and Training. She worked in this capacity from November 1990 until she applied for her first district job in 1993.

I am just curious how Jeff Sherwood, or anyone else in Human Resources would have checked references. Marla's application clearly states that her first reference in Moorhead is no longer available for comment, her second professional reference was her husband and her final professional reference would have been herself. Not a lot to go on.

The document will soon be posted in our Public Records Repository.

A nickel's worth of free advice for the District: Please do not provide names of candidates that were not hired by the District. When I requested information about the candidates for Planning and Property Management Specialist, you could have - and should have - redacted the name of the other applicant. I was seeking to review Scott Young's qualifications and did not need his name to do so.


Anonymous said...

Were her personal references her Mom and Dad.

Anonymous said...

It would also be interesting to see the job posting, interview list, etc for her current position. As we all know, they don't exist, neither do the job posting, interview list/rankings, etc exist for Manny Juzon, who Marla created a position for. Why is it that fair labor practices apply to some and not others?

Anonymous said...

I read, with great interest, the qualifications, experience, regarding Marla Miller's application for her current position with the Edmonds School District. Who hired
Ms. Miller? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of how Marla is in over her head. As the public records custodian, she should know the RCW's. I don't understand why the district allows her to remain, especially without any oversight. Bring in an independent to review her work and judge whether or not she is acting in the best interest of the public.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly Marla just appeared in the HR/payroll department to review the payroll department and how it was being supervised. The then supervisor was on her way out with a boot in her back and Marla was soon supervising that position. When Marla started with the district I was told by several people that she would step over dead bodies to get to the top and that certainly has proved to be true. The now supervisor was groomed for her position when Manny couldn't handle that supervisor position and Marla took him under her arm and carried him with her to the top. Quickly the position was filled with the groomed supervisor. I can't figure out why she keeps Manny around except he does what he is told when he is told and can't think for himself perfect person to have around to do the dirty work. In the district we think she must be being blackmailed by some of her side kicks that is why she keeps them around because they are making good money doing NOTHING! Nick is this true!

At the all ESC meeting recently Nick was kind enough to ask that if we have questions to come and ask and we would get the truth I for one don't believe that for one minute. I think the district wants to know who is visiting the blog. It is killing them not to know who we are so they can elminate us - sounds like a death camp! I love my job! I don't like being a tax payer in the district right now.