Friday, October 19, 2007

A stomach full of maggot-laden cheese.

1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.
2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay. actively seeks to verify facts and we are doing so very quickly. As we verify information, the District lawyers up to reinterpret board policies and offer a legal rendering of the English language. The District is not interested in truth. They seek to maintain control and protect their image. The District's lawyers were hired to promote the District's agenda - to keep everyone uninformed and utterly misguided - at the bargain rate of $300 an hour.

Bruce Williams didn't resign because of a rumor. Use the Navigational Labels and just click the name "Bruce Williams". In a few short minutes, you will see the reason for his departure and it had nothing to do with rumors. has been citing school board policy and proving how a majority of board members are ineligible to serve. This process has nothing to do with rumors.
The rumor: The board follows its own policies.

The new administration site is not as clean as the District would like you to believe. is engaging the issue and the documents support our assertions.
The rumor: The new administration site is not contaminated.

Other District rumors include; Powerful Partners is paying rent, Lower enrollment was unanticipated, Mark Zandberg has been sneaking around the ESC at night, The new administration site is worth $5,800,000.00, State law prevents the District from paying for accumulated vacation days, and District managers were hired through a competitive process.

The District isn't battling rumors - it's spewing them out like a stomach full of maggot-laden cheese.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mental image.

Anonymous said...

Scientists have now discovered the long mysterious function of the human body's appendix. It serves the digestive system as a kind of hive or nest to house the many good kinds of bacteria that live and work in our digestive tract. In short humans have a symbiotic relationship with millions of microscopic creatures that live on our partially digested food. Perhaps the image of a symbiotic relationship with maggots in the gut helping us digest our cheese is a proper analogy when one considers Marla some day, may need to be removed... just like the appendix! This has been a moment with Doctor Science... Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, Nick is running scared. He is looking out for his reputation until he can find another job. Somehow, he thinks employees are stupid enough to believe and stand behind people that are unqualified, abusive, and lack a conscience. Where will you be in 2008, Nick? Or are you willing to do the right thing and face the music? You will gain much more respect if you fix the problems rather than pretend they don't exist.

Anonymous said...

Nick and Marla believe they have the superpowers to erase our childhood memories about the old dump. Well I'd like to request they remove my memories of the Vietnam War, Nixon, and my first wife.

Anonymous said...

TO: make me a believer

Thanks for the visual. Now I can't get Marla in a Wonder Woman costume and Nick in a Superman outfit out of my head.

Anonymous said...

If you weren't there: at the "introduction" meeting of Nick with all district employees at the stadium, he got up in front of everybody and said that if you were a teacher who had "been around a long time" and weren't interested in the changes that he was going to bring to the district, perhaps you should think about doing something else.

An off-hand comment? A veiled threat? My way or the highway?

I wasn't the only one puzzled by the remark; a number of others wondered about it as well. said...

This is that meeting where Nick described growing up in an alcoholic home and that shoes were thrown at doors, or something like that? I did not attend.

I find it hard to believe that he would have told people at that meeting that he was prepared to pay $5.8 million for property worth barely $3 million, or that he would lie to protect board members from losing their seats, or that he would immediately launch a campaign to grossly inflate his salary, or that he would hide real estate transactions behind law firms, or that he would allow Marla to spoon feed lucrative piano deals to her friends, or that he would allow board members to remain on the board in clear violation of their own policies, or that he would actively drive out competent staff members and leave the operations side of the house in the hands of the minimally qualified.

If I heard him say such things on that day, it would have been my last.

Anonymous said...

I have heard it said (recently over an unrelated issue) that in the end, our greatest asset is our Integrity.

Were I in a position to speak of what I have witnessed in the District, mine would be intact and that of a number of administrators would be in tatters.

But I'm trying to survive.