Monday, October 15, 2007

Inter-jurisdictional Collaboration?

The Alderwood Mall generates a lot of sales tax for the City of Lynnwood.

The Edmonds School District does not pay property tax and does not generate a lot of retail business at their Maintenance and Transportation facility.

How important do you think it would be for the City of Lynnwood to ensure that the Edmonds School District left the Alderwood Mall commercial core?

As the local regulator, how aggressive would the City of Lynnwood be to hasten the departure of the District's Maintenance and Transportation facility?

Now, knowing how quickly the City would respond to the District's development applications and how enthusiastically the City would be in helping the District leave the Alderwood Mall area, what sort of administrative obstacles do you think would be thrown in the way?

Wouldn't it seem important to have the City rush the District off to a clean, uncontaminated site? The City has no concern for the cost of cleaning up the new District Support Center - they just want the District somewhere else. District leadership seems to interpret the City's involvement as collaboration and thinks this is what happens on the "high road".


Anonymous said...

The Love Canal site was created because the school board of Niagra Falls wanted it even thought they were told chemical waste was buried there. We all know how that story ended. If not read:

The New Admin site is by no means as contaminated or as dangerous as Love Canal as far as I can tell. But the Edmonds School Board has made the same poor choices.

Anonymous said...

What are you suggesting? That the city of Lynnwood may be somehow involved in the purchase of the $5.8 million worthless property? Or that Raskin somehow influenced or manipulated the sales or development of different parcels?

We're going to need some top investigators to figure this one out. Maybe the media can help?