Monday, October 08, 2007

Taking a ride on the Gravy Train.

Some people still believe that being the spouse of a Board member won't get you anything. In a cursory review of public records, it would appear that such a relationship can yield a tidy supplement to your salary. Maybe all of the "hard work" Gary expends for the District has motivated Kay to burn the candle at both ends.

Kay Noble at Lynnwood High School:
2004-2005, $40,354 + $2,446
2005-2006, $41,268 + $3,136
2006-2007, $43,050 + $4,274

Additional pay as percentage of base:
2004-2005, 6%
2005-2006, 8%
2006-2007, 10%

Fun Factoid:
New diamond ring: $15,000.00
New Lexus LS600h: $95,000.00
New Lynnwood High School: $100,000,000.00
Being married to a board member: Priceless

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Anonymous said...

On top of salary and overtime, I'm sure Mr. Noble influenced other intangibles. Performance reviews, classroom equipment and supplies, grant funds, conference and travel expenditures, and the biggest of all, a BRAND NEW BUILDING WITH ALL OF THE OVERSPENDING ONE CAN IMAGINE!!!