Monday, October 22, 2007

"Post-Resignation Conduct"

The following is the last portion of a letter from the District's attorney. Of course, they started off on the wrong foot with their continual use of the term "resignation" but I appreciate the attempt at creativity.

Finally, since your resignation, the District believes you have engaged in a number of improper acts, some of which the District may choose to pursue through further investigation or legal action.

First, the District believes you have deceptively accessed District e-mail by assuming the names of other District employees and then sent harassing e-mails to people under the assumed names. [Have I accessed email by using names of District employees or actively hacked into their account? I don't quite understand but would love to find out what you discover.]

Second, the District believes you have sent harassing e-mails to District employees and to their families. [Whoa. I think someone is reaching on this one. Again, I look forward to your discoveries. I think you may be disappointed by what you uncover. More than likely, District staff and parents are reading the blog and seeking to share it with friends and family. I am sorry the District feels harassed by the content on the blog.]

Third, the District believes you have misused King County computer resources by generating harassing e-mails to District employees. [I think you are using the term "harassment" too frequently and perhaps are relying upon the emotional reaction it may evoke. The District would be well-advised to look after the conduct of their current employees and leave out-of-county staff alone. If you want to keep tabs on how the public sector works just watch television.]

Fourth, the District believes you have used confidential District information when taking on property-related "clients" with interests adverse to the District. [I think you might mean my request for a document you continue to claim does not exist. If it does not exist, then how could its contents be confidential. This sounds like an admission that the document you destroyed has a copy somewhere in Edmonds.]

Fifth, the District believes that after you resigned, you obtained certain records from a District consultant without informing him that you had left District employment. [The District should run an ad in the newspaper. Am I forbidden from asking questions? I asked and was provided an answer immediately. I didn't have to wait thirty days or be ignored by a public servant. Maybe the private sector is more efficient. Maybe they should have asked me why I was asking them.]

To my faithful readers and to all of you that have been writing letters of support. I sincerely thank you for your heartfelt communication.

Mark Zandberg


Anonymous said...

All the District cronies and their high priced lawyers can do is blow smoke, rattle their sabers and look stupid doing it! I know you well enough, Mark, to realize that this dribble they're spewing is as baseless and empty as their qualifications for the positions they hold. Come on Nick! Own up to the mistakes you and your team have been making, get honest, for your own sake, if nothing else.

Keep up the good work Mark! It must be lonely on the High Road all by yourself!

Anonymous said...

Mark, I completely agree with with the above comment, hang in there and..... DON'T LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what is happening here. The Edmonds School District is suppose to be an educational institution for educating our children. This seems more like a power struggle between power hungry adults. Where does this end? How can we as taxpayers allow the district to spend our hard earned money on such foolish legal representatives? Is this kindergarten behavior? This has become a sad day when folks put their egos ahead of educating and teaching kids right from wrong.

Nick and Marla, I would like to know if, as you say the blog is a bunch of lies, why then have you not presented facts to prove it wrong? If someone is not telling the truth, you should be able to provide the facts very quickly to nip the lies in the bud.

On the other hand, if the blog is telling the truth, what are you going to do? You know Nick and Marla there is forgiveness when you admit that you are wrong or have done something wrong. Like in a family, you do not stop loving your family members when they make a mistake.

Marla, does having power mean more than being honest?

Nick, you really do not know what is going on. You have only been told what Marla wants you to know. Sometimes it is better to keep you mouth shut and investigate before passing judgement. I will say to you also, there is forgiveness when you admit you have made a mistake.

I would like to say also that district employees have been put on administrative leave while the distict have done investigations. Nick and Debby, why have you not put Marla on an administrative leave, or better yet, Marla, why have you not volunteered for administrative leave to clear your name and regain respect for yourself and the district?

Finally, let's get back to the jobs that we were really hired to do, educating our future leaders of tomorrow, our kids.

Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight: Let's pretend for a minute that you did EVERYTHING they said you did.

1. The district's network security is so lax that it would allow a former employee access.

2. Sending emails is not a crime. Harassment is a crime; the person being harassed, not the district, would have cause for action.

3. I was unaware that the district is now in King County. Glad to hear that. I can stop paying my Snohomish County taxes now.

4.No information is this district is confidential. All documents are accessible via public requests.

5. Someone who works for someone else is an idiot who gave you something they shouldn't have.

SO -- even if it is ALL true, no one cares!!!!

What we do care about is that a lawyer was hired and district funds were used to generate this letter to someone who NO LONGER works for the district.

Since the district is not paying this private citizen any longer, why are they claiming to have the ability to control his actions??!?!

Mark - with every email and letter they send, they are bolstering YOUR case.

Keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

Who do these people think they are? First they tell you that you can't write your local paper and express an opinion, disipline you for exercising your freedom of speech, run you out of your job, and now they're trying to control you with threats and false accusations! My God! These people need help! They're sick! They're running our School District! Wait, we need the help!

The voters in this district need to replace the current Board of Directors, who then need to replace the superintendent, who then needs to replace at least one assitant superitendent and several administrators. Otherwise these same disturbed individuals will continue to run our School District, and control our children's education.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is engaging in improper acts, being deceptive, harassing individuals, misusing public resources, having intrests adverse to the district and being outright liars, it is you Nick, it is you Marla, it is you Board of Directors. People in glass palaces shoundn't throw stones. On the other hand, people trying to overthrow tyrants must throw whatever the can get their hands on!

Keep up the good work Mark! It will pay off for all parents, students and taxpayers of this district.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the threats. A common lawyer tactic to scare you and divert attention away from the real issues. You have done nothing illegal, while their behavior has been immoral, unethical, and costly. As another blogger said, we will have a lot more respect for the administration (this includes the school board members) if they will admit their mistakes and make an honest effort to correct them.

Anonymous said...

Mark, glad that you have a handle on this. It wouldn't be misplaced to add too that the District can't possible understand the meaning of harassment. They consider it "employer relations with their employees", "supervision" & "discipline".

Anonymous said...

Get a lawyer a sue them!!!!