Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Use your name so we can harass and intimidate you

Thanks Mark,

I do not agree with your blog concept; by allowing anonymous posts you are promoting irresponsible communication and in fact allowing people to say untruths about the district and staff. No person or organization has a responsibility to respond in any forum to anonymous allegations. Thus, your suggestion that you are personally interested in making the district a better place does not fit with your practices.

While you seek and follow whatever legal advice you choose, you are welcome to bring your legal council to a meeting with me if you would like to process your concerns about the district or your situation constructively. I enjoy every day Mark; it is troubling that you are where you are in how you have responded to what was an appropriate letter or direction when you were here.



ESD15.org said...

Funny, I just got the superintendent's board evaluation from three different "irresponsible communicators" in P-12. I will scan it and post it as a pdf.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the blog concept. Why you don't agree; because you can't see us, you can't give us letters in our files,days off,intimidate us,etc.
You might want to respond to these allegations, if you don't the public will ask these questions to the staff.I LOVE MY JOB.I think were fat at the top of the food chain? hey,can I be asst HOMERintendent we need some more,is that 8 now or 9. I can't remember,$100,000 a yr.Good coin for saying yes! to the top. I can say "YES ALL THE TIME" I'm you guy, "DUH" HOMER.REMEMBER WE ALL WORK FOR THE KIDS.I REMEMDER WHEN THAT MEANT SOMETHING.

Anonymous said...

As long as there is a leader of an organization that refuses to engage the issues, the organization will weaken and fall to its knees. This superintendent should have done some undergraduate work in History. The course he is on will result in a premature demise. Change your approach or suffer the consequences of public outrage.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot to say and I have been saying it directly to the superintendent. Why he needs to know my name is a mystery. Does he plan to stop by my home or work?

Like many people, I read this blog and vote in every election. When challenged, the superintendent cannot offer a meaningful defense.

I will not vote for another bond or levy until things change considerably - for the better, that is.

Anonymous said...

Nick assumes that if individuals use an anonymous ID, that they would be dishonest. This is only the world view of Nick. There are those of us in this world who know all too well that control hungry abusers of power like to exact revenge on those who chip away at the statues they erect of themselves. In my world view truth is truth be it from Tom, Dick or the Anonymous Harry. If Marla knew all the names of those who want her to stop using public monies to aid her croonies, she would no doubt open a file on each of them! That is why I for one, remain anonymous. I do not need to be harrassed, intimidated, or passed over for promotion. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Nick. I used to work for the District YEARS ago and am afraid to use my name for fear for my friends remaining there. There are secrets in the walls holding up those buildings. Local building and fire departments would find them if they literally opened them up. But who placed them there? The bully that coerced others or the manager who turned a blind eye to all of it?

Anonymous said...

I totally believe in the blog its just that the district does not want to read all the bad stuff that is and has been happening to district staff. We all work for the district because we feel we are making a difference in kids lifes. When you only have staff around you that nods yes and never speaks up an ass. supt. can get away with almost everything. She knows the books where to hide the money oh that reminds me of an employee counting district funds and taking a little off the top and Marla thought she walked on water. She did get to take a hike with a Marlas boots in her back. Employees would never dare question anything that Marla does because you would be out a job. I could name a few but I think they also are leaving comments on your blog. she has employees working the budget stuff for her but they dare not questions otherwise they would be looking for work. Tax payers please listen to us we need to see some changes. Say it with your NO vote for levy/bonds until they can prove that they can be trusted with our money. For too many years we believed in our board and district caretakers but it is time to take a second look. Her boots are made for walking.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps instead of discussing the issues in private he would care to engage district employees and community employees in a public forum.

Just he, his entourage, and the concerned. No advance opportunity to formulate rhetorical replies.

You will never see the honesty, integrity, or simple adult courage to follow through with that.

Yeah, you meet with him in private - he will inform you of how innapropriate it is for you to bring an issue up. Answers, well, he will have to "get back to you" with those.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to one of Nick's public forums? They are scripted and timed. There is no room for discourse with the public. Afterall that would provide an opportunity for everyone to air their disapproval.

Anonymous said...

Having presented concerns directly to Nick in the past (some of them have been touched on within this blog) his method of response was to address them with unrelated anecdotes and pronounce that anything offered as evidence was "unconvincing".

The District's (ie Nick's & Marla's) m.o. is to deny & dismiss.
We can also add to that whatever anyone else says is a lie, including the press. That should just about cover everything.

Job well done then...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark for this website as an avenue for us "anonymous" (faceless & unimportant) individuals to share our experiences & express our opinions. As District employees we know there is nowhere and no one within to share any of these issues & concerns without fear of repercussion.

If indeed Nick is reading, what his reaction is & what action he takes in addressing the content herein should certainly reveal his character and I hope not continue to make him appear to be protecting the guilty or simply his own personal interests.

I have seen 5 Superintendents during my tenure with the District. The quality of life here has continued to diminish with each
new appointment.

I am a local taxpayer & support the District. I am a former student & have children in attendance at our schools. This should give me enough status to adequately make some credible comment on the climate within the District. I resent that, although he was addressing you in his letter, Nick has suggested that because we are not making our identities known our comments should be discredited as untrue. If he believes this he expresses a callous disregard & lack of respect for we are community voices.

What is true is that we have to work under threats, intimidation & bullying while attempting not to allow these ridiculous acts on the part of some members of the administration to interfere with our focus on doing our jobs.

Good leaders are rare in our present society. Honesty, though, should be the cornerstone in which all leaders base their decisions and which drives their actions (and secures their employment). What we should expect from our Superintendent are thoughtful, respectful & considerate responses to these problems and who as our leader must have the health of the District as his prime maintenance target.

As you have expressed your intent in this regard, I hope that your blog and its contents do begin to reach a larger and more influential audience. Major changes must be pursued; the District's leaders must better reflect the philosophies that are upheld in our schools.

This is not a privately owned business and should not be considered as such. If in fact it were it would have been out of business a long time ago except for the good graces in the form of involuntary support from taxpayers. Is our money being spent wisely? Are our assets being properly protected? Is the leadership abusing their power? Are they overpaid for their services? Isn't there some slimming that should be done in management?

I guess we will all have to stay tuned. I hope that for your sake Mark this does not injure your highly regarded reputation. It is certainly not you who is leading the District into disrepute.