Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I did this summer, by Nicky B.

Furst, I waded til evrybudy lef town. Den me an my frens thot up a way to git mor munny. It was scarry to try an git mor munny win peeple culd sho up at bored meadings an ask hard kweshuns. Aniway, me an my frens desided to giv all of de begshots mor munny evin tho Mommy sed the bank akount is short by five gazilion dollers. But Mommy gav us mor munny becuz she got sum to.

Den i wen to sumer kamp an lirned to wader skee.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget he also had to spend a lot of time and money to move out of his house and pay his lawyer.

And the minor annoyance of dealing with the disgruntled, anonymous, and irresponsible peasants.

Anonymous said...

This blog is trying to show Nick as being stupid. Maybe he is. Nick, and the Board, are counting on the public being stupid. Maybe they are. Time will tell. said...

This entry evokes fond memories of childhood when our teachers assigned the task of writing about our summer vacation.

Clearly, while parents were focused on matters away from school, there was a raiding party and a large pile of money was taken. Sadly, in this case, the bag of money will be doled out every month, further weakening an already depleted budget.

Thank you to yet another unknown guest author.

Anonymous said...

To stay focused on my District work, I think of how Federal employees feel working for an imbecile. By this time next year, Brossoit could be out-earning Bush.

Anonymous said...

The Ballad of Marla Miller

(Sung to the tune of "The Beverly Hillbillies")

Come and listen to my story 'bout the man in charge,
If you don't agree with Her best git right out of Dodge.

It was a very big job, the one that She done stole,
But rulin' the whole world had to be Her only goal.

She surrounded herself then, with ignorant yes men,
And lost for the District millions by the ten.

But She said that no one can ever touch me,
'Cause I can con my out of anything, you see.

She treats everyone just the way
that She chooses,
And when She's done well you'll know who then loses.

How the story ends heck is anybody's guess,
Won't somebody come and help clean up Her mess?