Saturday, August 04, 2007

How to take credit for everything

I once sat in a meeting where I asked a question, the answer to which was already known. My supervisor had recently left and I was handling - to the best of my ability - all of his work as well as my own. His district telephone number forwarded callers to me and I had received numerous emails from staff and leadership praising the manner in which I was "juggling" so much work and doing so with great success. I didn't complain. I wasn't seeking special treatment. I was doing what I could to help during a busy and turbulent time in my department's history. There was plenty of work to do and I managed the workload.

The sad revelation occurred when a new position was created to oversee my department and Maintenance. It was not a position designed to take on my former supervisor's duties, but rather a position to ensure that someone else continued to take them on. When the new person was hired, I was invited to a meeting with the newbie and his boss. It was during this meeting when I posed the question, "Who do you believe has been doing all of this work since the position vacated?"

Of course, to create and maintain an aura of qualification, the boss, despite emails to the contrary, chimed in and took full credit for everything. I was expecting the response but was jarred by the deliberate attempt to bury obvious feelings of inadequacy. I suppose a great District leader knows when to take credit for everything. In this particular case, I suspect the boss had no idea the extent of work for which credit was being swindled. But hey, the new guy probably believed you.


Anonymous said...

I have to stop reading your blog, until my sides stop hurting at least.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

They love wallowing in the good credit that is unequivocally due others. When it comes to problems that emanate from their own ignorance and stupidity they find a fall guy or fall gal just as soon as they can. I have never known of district leadership (current regime, some components there of, go back years) at or near top level take the heat for any thing deserved, it is always the other person. When the going gets rough they hire a "500 pound gorilla" (lawyer at tax payers expense of course) to make sure that everyone feels as though the problem lies with someone else at a lower level then there own (mismanagement). It is always some one else, OR ELSE! Situation ethics are a tool useful to people of their ilk. They do not hire these people to protect the district, they hire them to protect and sustain themselves under the guise of district protection. Great set up ay!

This blog is great, it exposes their lack of ethics with great clarity for a change, although only a small percentage of it. (I can hear them in the background now singing and shouting " "disgruntled employee".) Wake up management there are hundreds of "D.E." Why the D.E.? This is due to top level mismanagement and their unethical conduct, greed, and dishonesty, that filters down from the top to all levels in the district. Keep promoting bullies, back-stabbers, relatives fiends (oops! I meant to type friends, but the typo is appropriate too) and greedy people. (Not just greedy in a material sense either.) By letting problems fester unresolved, or resolving them by cloaking them hastily in contrived deceit they only promote a twisted work place environment within the district. It starts at the top folks and cleans up from the top down.

I for one will send some of the specific information found in this blog to offices and staff of people in Olympia and elsewhere who have the ability to probe into some of these allegations and ask the hard questions. I challenge all of you honest and hard working people who get caught up in this whirlwind of mismanagement to do the same! If your work environment has become negative due to their unwholesome process let some one know.

If you are a parent like I am, make sure you let that be known within the context of anything you write or send to Olympia or elsewhere. And if you work for the district you need to be a very careful individual, or you will become gorilla fodder. It doesn't matter if you are respectable, modest, and humble, gorillas love easy prey and scapegoats.

You can either file this under "they take credit for everything" or make it a new item under the title "gorilla fodder" or "500 pound gorilla".