Thursday, February 14, 2008

Levy doesn't add up to tax decrease.

Mr. Wambolt wrote a letter to the editor 2/1/08 encouraging me to vote for an extension of the Edmonds School District Technology/Capital Levy this May. His argument was that we get to pay a tax decrease if we pass this levy.

I looked up my property assessments for taxes payable since 2004.I paid the Edmonds School District for their "special" levy $137 in 2004, $148.77 in 2005, $170 in 2006, $203 in 2007 and $238 in 2008. That is a total of $896.77.

Projecting continued increases in property assessments (and why not?), you are asking me to pay The Edmonds School District an additional $1051 over the NEXT five years. Wow! That is some tax decrease!

Pass the levy? I ask you, for what? Energy efficiency? I need new windows too. Outdoor facilities? I need a new deck. System upgrade? I don't even own a computer! Safety and emergency preparedness? Their parents should be buying them their life preservers. Not me.

Judy Stead

Editorial: This letter appeared in the Enterprise.

2 comments: said...

The District routinely claims that passage of this levy would be a reduction in taxes. And these people teach our children math.

If the percentage drops slightly while the assessed valuation climbs significantly, the net impact to our tax bill is substantial.

Why not be honest and rely on the taxpayer to respond to real information?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the district propaganda isn't the TRUTH? That they have distorted the FACTS?