Friday, November 23, 2007

Legal rendering of English language needed...again.

A. Purchase of Furniture, Equipment or Supplies, except Books
When the estimated cost of furniture, equipment or supplies, except books, is from forty thousand dollars ($40,000) up to seventy five thousand dollars ($75,000), quotations from at least three different sources shall be obtained in writing or by telephone, and recorded for public perusal.

When the estimated cost is in excess of seventy five thousand dollars ($75,000), a formal public bid procedure shall be followed. Complete plans and specifications shall be prepared and notice by publication given in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the district, once each week for two consecutive weeks, of the intention to receive bids and that specifications and other information may be examined at the office of the board or any other officially designated location. The bids shall be in writing and shall be opened and read in public on the date and in the place named in the notice and after being opened shall be filed for public inspection. Items that are included in a bid must be purchased from the vendor awarded the bid, unless the district can document that the item was not available from the bid vendor at the time of purchase.

Fun Factoid: Board Policy 3300 R-1 appears to be consistent with RCWs. Dare I ask the District's legal team for their interpretation?

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Anonymous said...

Just for laughs, let's see if the lawyers have a justification for the piano purchase and several other violations of bid law.