Saturday, July 14, 2007

Your Incident Commander lives on an island.

Imagine that it's 4:33 am and a 7.6 earthquake just struck the region. The District's vast resources are being assembled in an instant and the best-trained people on staff are enroute to the Emergency Operations Center. But wait, where is the Incident Commander? He lives on Whidbey Island and has no way to get to the mainland because the ferry system has shut down pending a comprehensive evaluation of terminals. Like everyone else, he rushes to his telephone to take control of a rapidly developing disaster, but the telephone lines are down. Cell phones are jammed. What training he might have taken the time to acquire is now unavailable to the District in their time of need.

Who among the District's leadership has successfully completed the training necessary to lead the District through this turbulent time? Who among the many assistant superintendents has completed incident commander training? These are the individuals that will keep our schools safe and determine if they can be reoccupied. Their evaluation of District sites and structures will prevent further harm and hardship. How many of the District's assistant superintendents have attended even one training session in the last three years?

Is the District ready for an emergency? Are they ready to take the lead? Or will they rush to their predetermined location and tuck themselves neatly behind first responders?

Just curious.

Mark Zandberg, Moderator
Former Planning and Property Management Specialist
March 2001 - June 2007


Anonymous said...

The good news is that he is getting paid extra for being the incident commander. How do I get a job like that?

Anonymous said...

Are you a friend or relative of a special HR person. Hey don't blame me, her popularity is something she created.

ESD15-The Outrage said...

All he would do is take credit for everyone else's heroism and effort. Better if he stayed on that island permanently.

Anonymous said...

Based on your example of his emails, I would expect him (if he can get off the island) to have a deer-in-the-headlights look when responding to an emergency. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

This makes no sense. The District is proposing to bring prayer to classroom - when there is an emergency, prayer will be your only remaining option.

Anonymous said...

To July fifteen. The "No Show" is back. I'm sure they are running on all cylinders now.

Anonymous said...

Deception pass is no quick response. How useless!