Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Every move you make...I'll be watching you.

Dear Mark:

We note your acknowledgment of the District's ownership of the content that was formerly posted at the esd15.org web site.

We disagree, however, with your assessment regarding ownership of the esd15.org URL. In fact your statements continue to support that you clearly registered the esd15.org URL as an agent to the District and in your capacity as its employee (regardless of your "reasoning" behind the registration). It is unfortunate that you remain unwilling to transfer property that belongs to the District in return for reimbursement for your out-of-pocket costs, which you have to date failed to disclose to the District.

We will continue to monitor the situation and your use of the esd15.org URL. In the meanwhile, the District fully reserves its rights and this correspondence is being made without limitation on the rights or remedies of Edmonds School District No. 15.


Grace Han Stanton
Perkins Coie LLP
1201 Third Avenue, Suite 4000
Seattle, WA 98101
ph: (206) 359-6483 fax: (206) 359-7483


ESD15.org said...

So, everything done in our capacity as a District employee belongs to them.

I got a speeding ticket once while responding to an emergency at Beverly Elementary - they never paid for that. I suppose responding to the emergency was on their behalf, responding rapidly was entirely my own choice.

Developing and maintaining the official Property Management website was on their behalf, taking it to an entirely different level of efficiency was my own choice.

Anonymous said...

Which bring up the question!

How many other District Employee’s have received a speeding ticket trying to get his or her work done in the time allotted by the district?

Did the district pay for the ticket?

Did they pay for car insurance increase's?

Was there a positive note in your yearly eval?


ESD15.org said...

The ticket was set aside and one year has passed. I am free to speed again and it did not impact my insurance.