Monday, May 18, 2009

"We know that leadership is very much related to change."

With all of the scrambling going on and the half-hearted attempts to explain what happened to our precious district, I cannot shake this nagging feeling that Nick will soon move to greener pastures. Call me crazy, but I just have a hunch.

Part of the complication in running a school district is when all of your real control and authority is handed off to others. When a leader hides behind someone maintaining the illusion of control, it is only a matter of time before people catch on and start demanding a more effective leader. The tide is changing and the best time to get out of town is before the locals realize they have been robbed.

Sure, I am speculating. One quickly wonders where another $200,000.00 job can be found in this current economic environment. The same environment that our superintendent cites as the sole reason for the hard times falling upon the district now. Like no one in district leadership is responsible for the questionable calls regarding pianos, property and slashing teachers and paraeducators. Things are bad and will likely get worse, with the current leadership model in place. The best thing for the District right now is to shake things up in administration and get back to the real reason for existing - like educating our children.

For far too long, this district of ours has been suffering from severely swollen management while the emaciated limbs continue to do without. The District needs a change and they need it now. We need to get back to basics and reinvent our organization from the grassroots up. In fact, we might be a lot better off if we just stop at the grassroots and remind management that they exist to serve our children. We don't need a superintendent that just tells voters what he thinks they want to hear. We need a leader that will tackle the real issues before the entire organization suffers from the consequences of poor choices.

It isn't the bad economy creating problems for the District, it is poor management and a general sense of confusion as to how to plan for a reduction in funding. Rather than whine and complain about the State's refusal to adequately fund education, why not pull together a plan that makes real sense and doesn't leave the fate of thousands hanging on the whims of the Legislature.

I expect an announcement to come before the end of the school year.


Anonymous said...

We can ONLY HOPE (and pray) that Nick will find another job more suited to his "style" of leadership! He is not worth the $200,000 salary that he is paid, which is more than the Governor of the State of Washington is EARNING!

Anonymous said...

We can only hope and pray that no such positions exist in the public sector.

Perhaps he should look to similarily-minded people at AIG. But then they are publicly-funded.

Trans Gal said...

A "leader" that will not look you in the eye is lying. That is just plain and simple psychology. It is also one sign that interrogators look for when they are directing an investigation.
But a "professional" liar is so adept, he believes his own lies, making it extremely difficult to catch him in a lie. Not making direct eye contact, therefore, is probably the #1 indication of a liar and I have experienced this from Nick Faucet numerous times, even in the everyday casual "Hi". What person looks down at the floor when they are just simply greeting someone?
So I agree, something is afoot and we can only hope he is hiding an impending change of employment.

Anonymous said...

What we really need to hope is that IF Nick leaves, his successor will have the brains to clean house of Marla and company and get a fresh start. He or she would only need to read this blog for all of the evidence needed to fire Marla for cause.

Anonymous said...

The annual salary for the governor remains $166,891, for a state Supreme Court justice $164,221, and for a state lawmaker $42,106.

Shine on Penney's said...

Trans Gal, I couldn't say it any better...The district just got rid of a couple just like that. I won't say any names but one worked in HR under Ms. Birdsong and the other worked at the warehouse under Mr. Bellman.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone out there besides me, aware that the Edmonds School District thought it would be prudent to start balancing it's 11-14 million dollar budget fiasco by cutting "one hour a day cashiers"? You administrators are FN sick in the head. Look into Farwest services. Yeah you get that benefit as well as the inflated, heavyweight salary.

Richard Reuther said...

When I went to Farwest and explained the bullying that we were enduring and its psychological effects, the response was, "Yeah we hear that a lot from teachers regarding their principals." I can't imagine what they would say to an administrator who might come in for counseling. "Doc, I keep trying to bully my employees but they just laugh at me." Must be a hard life for the money.