Sunday, May 24, 2009

Edmonds School District just paves over problems.

The Herald published a very interesting article this morning about the contaminated site the Everett School District bought in 1986. Tainted soil costly for Everett district.

The Everett School District identified their site as necessary for acquisition in 1986, while the Edmonds School District had rejected their new administration site twice before.

The Everett School District knew their site was contaminated and they spent years developing a plan to remediate the existing consequences from known conditions, while the Edmonds School District still has no idea as to the extent of contamination at what was an informal dump site for decades.

The Everett School District determined that removing the contamination would be a far more effective solution to their problem, while the Edmonds School District elected to just pave over the problem.

The Everett School District is performing their clean-up voluntarily instead of in response to a directive from the State, while the Edmonds School District just decided to pretend that no such contamination exists and provided no meaningful information to the State.

The Everett School District held this property for years before developing the site, while the Edmonds School District rushed into their purchase and even rejected their own $3,300,000.00 appraisal in favor of the seller's $5,800,000.00 appraisal.

The Everett School District is paying approximately $450,000.00 to haul contaminated soil from the site, while the Edmonds School District spent $2,300,000.00 to grade and pave their site.

The Everett School District has administrative staff working in three old buildings (One is 40 years old, one hasn't been updated in more than 40 years and another is 97 years old), while the Edmonds School District has administrative staff working in one building constructed less than 20 years ago.

The Everett School District has increasing student enrollment, while the Edmonds School District is shrinking.

The Everett School District has one person managing Facilities and Capital Planning, while the Edmonds School District divides those tasks to prevent the departments from working together effectively.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for summarizing the article in The Herald regarding the manner in which the Everett School District handled their contaminated property. I attended and graduated from the Everett School District, many years ago, but have friends who work in the old Jackson School, which is "as old as dirt", but they get the job done! The Edmonds School District has a fine, sound building which houses the Administration Departments. "Why fix it if it ain't broke"? Once again, I wonder why our tax dollars are being squandered away by thoughtless, selfish Administrators, the lame brain Marla Miller, who obviously runs the District; Nick is just a "FIGURE", who takes home the big bucks! What's wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the picture is they both are in it. Get rid of these two criminals. I'm sick of dealing with them!

Anonymous said...

How anyone can allow dedicated music teachers go and tolerate the overpaid superintendant's position is beyond me. How anyone making over 100 thousand in this district sleeps at night is beyond me.

always somebody elses fault said...

They are all rejects from other districts. Other districts garbage. Other districts "first out budget reduction people". They carry over the inflated salaries, and go home early with work related stress. Thank You Cathy for paving the way in that department!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see our superintendent try and teach 19 6th graders to play the guitar (some of them electric guitars) and successfully
direct them. Music teachers are often the heart of the school community--they impact all of our children. Looks to me like we have a superintendent who is willing to cut out the heart of many of our elementary schools. I know we will miss our music teacher a lot--if proposed budget cuts go through. That is definitely a bad reflection of our district leadership.

Anonymous said...

The Edmonds School District will not even acknowledge their horrific land deals as being part of their budget woes. They love jumping on the "bad economy" bandwagon. Yeah never mind going against your own appraisal. Go with the sellers appraisal at almost twice the cost. Are you FN kidding me? Who do you think your foolin? I love seeing Marla's picture. It is a constant reminder of how stupid some people can be with no shame. And SEIU stop playing along with Marla Millers little games. We as taxpayers deserve better decision making. Rubber stamping does not make you intelligent. It does make you look stupid. If all of you rubber stampers enjoy looking foolish, like Marla Miller in front of Susanah Frame on King 5 television, go somewhere that your lousy decisions can't hurt children!