Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something to stick on the refrigerator.

[Sent on May 30, 2008]

Sorry for the delayed response. The audit report that was published is one portion of the audit, but we have not completed the entire audit at this time.

We are currently working on wrapping up the audit, including responding to the concerns you forwarded to us. If you would like to call me to discuss the audit prior to receiving that correspondence, please give me a call at 425-257-XXXX.

Thank you,

Christopher J. Kapek, CPA

[Sent on June 10, 2008]

Is a final report for the Edmonds School District expected in approximately six days, six weeks or six months?

[Sent on June 11, 2008]

The audit report that has been released is the final audit report. What we are currently working on is correspondence to each person that forwarded us any Hotline concerns regarding the District. The drafts are currently going through our review process and we should have them out within the next week. I apologize for any confusion regarding this process.

Thank you,

Christopher J. Kapek, CPA
Audit Manager - Team Everett
Washington State Auditor's Office


Anonymous said...

The hotline seems to be more of a tip line so the Auditor can warn public agencies before any real investigation needs to take place.

It's all about reducing the number of findings after all.

Anonymous said...

The confusion appears to be theirs.

I think you have them befuddled. If you had a single complaint, then a short, sternly-worded letter to the school board would suffice. With all of the evidence of fraud, corruption and mismanagement, you likely have them wandering around in places they have never seen before.

My money is the Auditor slinking out the back door with a little note left behind. "Please follow policies and stop breaking the law. Love and Kisses, Brian"

Anonymous said...

I received a letter from Brian Sonntag's office today in response to my submission of a letter to the State Auditor's office regarding my concern about the Edmonds School District spending, particularly, the purchase of several Grand pianos. The letter states: "Your concern has been sent to our team that audits the School District. The
team is currently reviewing the concern and we will contact you with the results of that review".
The letter states that if I have any further questions, to contact Audit Manager, Chris Kapek at 425-257-2137.
The letter was signed by Jan M. Jutte, CPA, CGFM, DIRECTOR FOR LEGAL AFFAIRS