Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What's this?!? More budget cuts?

It was announced at P-12 yesterday that enrollment projections were even lower than previously anticipated. The financial impact of these unanticipated reductions amount to $400,000.00 in budget cuts on top of the $4,500,000.00 just cut earlier this year.

Does anyone read the Capital Facilities Plan? It clearly shows a striking downward trend for the next several years. Since the District is paid per head and the heads are not showing up in our schools, maybe they shouldn't plan to spend money they won't ever receive. Here is the link for the CFP.

Please, for the love of God, read it. At least look at the pictures. The yellow line going down and to the right means your checks from the state will be getting smaller.

Maybe the District's administrators can give back their recent raises. That alone would save $550,000.00 per year.


Anonymous said...

Guess who is responsible for the enrollment forecast and budget? Our favorite assistant superintendent!

And the analyst doing the forecasting is being groomed for district management!

When is the public going to be outraged enough to speak up instead of wafting in ignorant bliss?

Anonymous said...

With enrollment declining, is there really a need to build a new high school?

Can they fit the projected population into the existing high schools?

The taxpayers were sold an artificial bill of goods.

Anonymous said...

What! No new LHS? Sacrilege! The ground lease of the current site would give them another opportunity to mismanage a deal, give away money, and financially strap the District even more! How do I get in line for a handout?

Anonymous said...

no! no! you have it all wrong. The time has come for more layoffs. I can deal with layoffs if they start the layoffs at the top of the money pile. Nick, please step in front of the class & say your sorry for stealing the money from the poor & rich kids. No, your not going to do that. Ok, off to the coner with MS. Miller. Maybe you two kids can work this problem out in your HEAD. If you think this one out, You both can save your jobs. All you two have to do is SAY YOUR SORRY to the TAXPAYERS of EDMONDS & your done! Thats not HARD is it Nick & Marla.
I feel your pain & YES, I do work for you two MISFITS!

Anonymous said...

Thanx gang. I didn't think you could do any further damage to my livelihood. Wrong again. Nothing is beyond you. Why won't you help out a few of your good employees? Maybe because you don't know good? I pray for my child!

Anonymous said...

In a culture which measures success by income thank God the educators are still with us in abundance and live with the honesty of their very real intentions and much needed abilities.

Unfortunately it is their jobs that will be cut.

Anonymous said...

To chasemisprintedlies:

I, for one, am trying to help out our good employees by bringing positive change to the (mis) management of the district.

You are absolutely right; the focus of the district should be educating my children and yours. Unfortunately, a lot of money is being misspent and employees are being threatened and intimidated.

By changing the culture we might bring back the families who have left because of what they see; the educators and support personnel are overworked, unappreciated, and beat up when decisions are questioned. Poor enrollment forecasting and increased administrator salaries and benefits have taken away resources for the classroom. Crooked property deals have lined the pockets of somebody and cost the taxpayer millions of dollars. Board members who perpetuate the mismanagement and have in one case, falsified qualifications. A superintendent with his own personal problems that detract from his abilities to lead. An assistant superintendent who's self esteem is so low she exhorts power and control; daring anyone in her path to challenge her. Are these signs of a healthy organization?

There are a lot of opinions on this blog, but there are also facts. If you really feel there are lies, please offer up specifics.

I think most, if not all of the readers and contributers are open to alternate points of view. Generalizations, however, do not make for open and honest discussion. Give examples of what you think are lies so we can learn from each other and focus on the issues that need to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of enrollment in the ESD; I have driven by three private schools, all in the ESD service area; the parking lots are full of parents picking up their children, and most of the private schools are FULL and not accepting new enrollment. What's wrong with this picture? I believe it speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of facts have been brought forward in these blogs and comments. I think Nick and his crew have responded to and discussed openly, let's see, oh yes, NONE OF THEM! Why lie when all you have to do is ignore. Specific enough?

Anonymous said...

I remember "Miss Money Bags" sitting in front of me, telling me that she was confident that enrollment projections were accurate, and she did not expect to lose that additional $400,000.00. That was late spring. This kind of ignorance in finance is pathetic. Who balances your books at home Marla? "Don't worry gang, we're going to save big bucks, based on high enrollment. If that fails I have no alternate plan for you all, and I'm sorry for spending district monies foolishly, and leading you all to peril."
Love Marla