Monday, September 24, 2007

District leadership will lead us where?

Top ten reasons the Board thought buying a contaminated bog was a good idea.

1. Seller was wearing Reid Middleton and AMEC name badges,
2. Thought the seller was saying "This site is conterminated",
3. Certain that erratic settling and cracked foundations would become hip,
4. Residual pesticides would keep away the mosquitos from the bog,
5. Big savings for Transportation in being able to dump oil on site,
6. School kids could collect asbestos samples for science class,
7. Rain would create a pretty, rainbow-colored sheen across the site,
8. New uniforms for District staff fashioned in Tyvek,
9. Encourages staff to sweat more to over-power chemical smells,
10. The Superintendent could catch three-legged frogs during his lunch hour.

Top ten reasons Marla negotiated a purchase price of $5,800,000.00 for the site.

1. Had her fingers crossed when she agreed to pay $5,800,000.00,
2. Thought she was buying the Lynnwood Park and Ride,
3. Overcome by noxious cloud while touring the site and lost her senses,
4. Convinced the large black line to the southeast was river frontage,
5. Site offers numerous places to dump the bodies of disgruntled employees,
6. Forgot to include that payment would be made in Zimbabwean dollars,
7. Focused on the fact that they threw in a KitchenAid toaster oven,
8. Had not yet discovered rebate coupon for $2.5 million was misplaced,
9. Adopting a new strategy to get staff to burn up sick time more frequently,
10. Thinking about the frequent flyer miles she would get by using the District's procurement card.


Anonymous said...

This would be very funny, if it wasn't so terribly sad.

Anonymous said...

You must be taking more than your share of bathroom breaks. One more verbal warning and you will receive a letter of direction.

Anonymous said...

So at our ESC staff meeting on Thursday, the new Supt., Marla Miller spoke. Those meetings have always been called by Nick and he was the spoke person. Now we really do know who wears the pants and who is running the district, sorry Nick it is not YOU. You receive the pay check but she has you on a short leash and is pulling your chain. What a sad state of affairs for the district and tax payers.