Sunday, September 23, 2007

Always drink upstream from the herd.


While we may differ on many issues, I am writing to express my concerns regarding the upcoming appointment of a new Board Member for Director District 4 and hope that you can see things the way many others do.

Evidence is now coming forward from individuals that claim you were aware of Bruce's relocation long before it surfaced on In fact, I suspect you may recall suggesting the quick revision of Director District boundaries to accommodate his relocation - like that was a viable option. These statements, coupled with a long-serving Board Member's full awareness of Board Policy 1245 should have caused Dr. Williams to immediately withdraw his application with the County and step down as a candidate. The fact that Dr. Williams continued to pursue his Director's seat could be described as election fraud.

While I have no knowledge of the political or educational background of Roger "Cowboy" Wilson, it would appear that the Board's only reasonable decision at this stage is to reverse a series of poor choices made by Dr. Williams and others. To appoint anyone other than Mr. Wilson would be disrespectful to democratic principles and would demonstrate the continued separation between the Board and its constituents.

Mr. Wilson's application for Director District 4, assuming he chooses to apply, should be provided more than just a passing glance.

Mark Zandberg

4 comments: said...

Roger "Cowboy" Wilson ran against Bruce Williams in 2005 and garnered more votes than anyone under consideration by the Board to fill the current vacancy.

I suspect Pat Shields and Gary Noble will want to leave their imprint on a replacement before they are voted out in November.

Anonymous said...

Shields already knows he is toast.

Did you also know he is the director for Powerful Partners? It's a non-profit organization that receives free facilities and labor from the Edmonds School District (also known as a gift of public funds). Why can't other non-profits reap the same benefits? Just think, we can use some of the empty space at the schools since we don't have enough students to fill them up. But then Matthew wouldn't have anything to screw up then, would he? said...


Again, as designated custodian of public records, I seek one copy of the current use agreement between Powerful Partners and copies of all rent checks paid since 2003.

As I already know, Powerful Partners has a "use agreement" as opposed to a lease. I am aware that a use agreement does not pass along base rent to the end user but does require reimbursement for general fund expenditures, such as utilities, custodial care and maintenance.

I hereby request one copy of the most current, fully executed use agreement between Powerful Partners and the Edmonds School District and copies of checks paid to the DIstrict since 2003.

Thank you.

Mark Zandberg

Anonymous said...

Requirement fulfilled? Is he another rubber stamper who will not question anything Marla says or does (blanket approval w/o a 2nd thought). Or will this cowboy be able to rustle up some answers?