Friday, May 15, 2009

New web domains, for your convenience.

From time to time, people stop me on the street and ask why I am using such a complicated web domain. They wonder why I seem to think it is so easy to remember. One of the primary complaints has been, "What is that 15 and why does it follow ESD?" Well, to make matters a little easier, our web developer has registered two more domains to make finding us a little more straight forward.

From today, users can visit or for a direct connection to the blog. Please be careful when typing, since is registered to a real estate company and has traffic automatically forwarded to their website.

Thank you for your continued support of our effort to inform the public.


Anonymous said...

Rats are back at Marth Lake Elem. The rat guy was up stairs looking for John & Suzies chocolate Tic Tacs agian. How can this go on all year and nothing get done about it. Who's in charge?

Anonymous said...

Help Wanted: Please come and cut down the high and even higher pay checks of the Edmonds School District leadership.

Kathie said...

We've always had rats at Transportation and Maintenance(?). If Maintenance can't get rid of them, I figured the hundreds of feral, pregnant cats would put a dent in them(I'm exaggerating, of course}. The cats seem more interested in using the bus barn as their own personal toilet. Come in some day when it's real sunny out, the smell is so bad it makes your eyes water.
But I digress, I believe the students who have been petitioning for their teachers are having an impact, they made the paper! Imagine what kind of coverage we would get if all the laid off personnel petitioned for their jobs back. I think that would garner some wanted attention.

Anonymous said...

Rat control falls under the Grounds Department. Ooops!
They just lost 4 people. Guess you won't be seeing any help.

Anonymous said...

It is the job of the Terminex Man.