Friday, October 31, 2008

The District's masquerade of integrity and virtue.

It seems appropriate to discuss district management's lack of empathy on this day of disguises and masks. Clearly, they lack the ability to look beyond what appears on the surface. They look no deeper than the masks of others and expect no one to look beyond their own masks. Until management understands that real people have real lives and actually have independent thoughts and feelings, nothing will ever change.

Management quickly thrusts opponents into a mire of negativity because they lack the ability to discern between thinking, feeling people and the shell of humans they perceive and portray. It seems their strategy is to dazzle thoughtless and shallow humans when really their audience is just unengaged and uninterested. There is a difference. People have their own lives to live and their own concerns. They don't have the energy to take on honorable causes because their honorable causes are closer to home - like family.

What is also rather striking is district management's propensity to project their motives on others. I suspect management readily assigns a rather twisted purpose to people that speak out against them. If the roles were reversed, district management would be sneaky and conniving. They may sue for no other purpose than money. They may blog for no other reason than to attack and belittle others.

If the roles were reversed, there is no way on this earth that district management would take on a personal struggle to improve the plight of others. No. If district management took on a challenge, they would have no other motive than personal enrichment and self glorification. Just look at the Piano Scam, the contaminated site, Gary Noble, Pat Shields, Bruce Williams and the lengthy list of other very bad choices made in the last few years. The record speaks for itself. It clearly demonstrates that management serves no one but themselves. If anything positive happens, it is either an unplanned coincidence or there is an underlying scam that has yet to be exposed.

Until management digs a little deeper and tries to understand others, they will amount to nothing more than paint. It may be fashionable on the day it was selected, but trends change and once the old color is covered - it is soon forgotten. I just hope that the long term impact of this current batch of paint doesn't rot out the sheet rock, studs, and exterior siding.

Happy Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

Here is some public information I have obtained about the pianos. There were 13 pianos purchased—4 grands and 9 uprights. They were sent to locations with the greatest need at the time, which were:
MTHS -- Grand Piano
LHS -- Grand Piano
MDHS -- Grand Piano
EWHS -- Grand Piano
Brier Elem. -- Upright Piano
Meadowdale MS -- Upright Piano
Meadowdale Elem. -- Upright Piano
Lynnwood Elem. -- Upright Piano
Terrace Park K-8 -- Upright Piano
College Place Elem. -- Upright Piano
Brier Terrace MS -- Upright Piano
Seaview Elem. -- Upright Piano
Homeschool Resource Center -- Upright Piano

The 10th upright piano was sold by the Piano company at the piano sale that they hosted in the summer of 2005 as per the lease agreement.

Anonymous said...

Are they actually at those schools? I agree with Mark, the District's claim that they have them does not make their acquisition legitimate or lawful.

Anonymous said...

No, I am certainly of the belief that this information might not be current. I have a position that allows me to know what might be at a given school.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher but not at any of the schools listed above. Sorry I can't help.

Anonymous said...

Something to think about with the Jekyll and Hyde managers.

Dr. Janet Taylor of the University of Chicago was interviewed on the NBC Today program earlier this week. She was reporting on some new research on bullying.

It seems that the pleasure centers of the brains of bullies "light up" during MRIs when the subject is shown pictures of people in pain. They lack empathy; bullies ENJOY bullying. It's a high.

The question now centers on whether bullies are "pre-wired" to bully (inherit a bullying neurological sturucture) or whether they learn it (from a violent or perhaps deprived childhood).

The understanding now is that, whichever is the cause, bullying is a CONDUCT DISORDER which requires teaching appropriate response behaviors in order to overcome it.

Something to think about the next time you witness or are subjected to a bullying boss or co-worker. They're gettin' off on it.

Anonymous said...

The list of the piano locations is helpful; now we will just make certain that the piano's are, indeed, at the listed Buildings.
This is a step forward, but still does not make the purchase "legal".
Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I am really confused now. Please, someone correct me if I am wrong. I thought that the pianos were leased, and once the lease was up the guy we got them from had and auction and the pianos disappeared. For some reason I thought that even with the lease, they never arrived at the district. If, they have been in the district all this time, why didn't the district defend itself against all of the schuttle butt about the pianos from the get go? Somehow this does not smell right. I also thought that we paid for 4 of the baby grand pianos out right and with that, how did the guy have them at the auction? Did we lease the pianos or did we buy all of them? If I misunderstood something, please set me straight.