Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Public Records Repository

I can see why so many blog contributors are reluctant to provide their names and addresses for public records requests. It seems the District is aggressively pursuing any and all people making requests. I am flattered the District thinks so many of the requests are coming from me.

In an effort to help public information flow freely, I am starting a repository of requested documents. This will prevent the duplication of requests, save District staff time and maintain security from disclosing names and addresses.
Now, all requests for information can be made to documents@esd15.org and we will forward them on, after ensuring that requests are not being duplicated. Also, esd15.org will cover all of the costs of these requested documents (within reason), convert them to pdf and make them available free-of-charge to visitors to the blog site.

The repository will be located at www.esd15.org/documents.htm. Just one more way esd15.org is trying to make the District a better place.

Mark Zandberg


Anonymous said...

Did you ever get documents related to witholding vacation pay?

Anonymous said...

To 1018724
Your question applies to multiple individuals in the district. Just something else that the district administration likes to hide from taxpayers.