Thursday, October 18, 2007

Marla moonlighting as a DOE regulator.

I received the Provisional Phase I Environmental Assessment and Limited Phase II Assessment for the New Administration Site on October 5. I have reviewed it and have taken the time to do some independent records searches with the Department of Ecology (DOE), send correspondence, and talk with appropriate project officers. This is what I have found:

The New Administration Site is comprised of three parcels A, B and C. Parcels A, B and C total of 9.83 acres and are known to contain fill over 30 feet in depth. Parcel C is where Test Pit 15 was sampled and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were found above regulated levels.

DOE databases do not indicate that the contamination on Parcel C had been reported to the department within 90 days of its discovery as required by law. I told the Superintendent and the Board in an email if the report had not been made as required by the WAC, I would report it myself. Ecology was notified and logged in the site on October 16. They will follow up with a formal investigation.

All of the parcels were owned by Michael J Raskin who owns the property directly north of the site, across 204th. This property, known as Center 5000, is listed on the Toxics Voluntary Clean Up List. This indicates Mr. Raskin is well aware of the requirements to report to the DOE. The District is also aware of this requirement since they made their own report in 1993 for the current Transportation Center on Alderwood Mall Parkway.

I did not receive any other documents for the New Administration site even though I asked for “any and all” reports for the property. So I am unable to make any comments on Marla’s email stating TP15 was remediated and that the site has been “monitored” during demolition and grading activities.

Determination whether a site requires “No Further Action” is under the purview of the DOE, not the owner. So Raskin and his consultants, nor Marla, despite her statement otherwise, is capable of making any statement as to the condition of the property since DOE was never notified or had the opportunity to examine any data for the site.

What I find interesting is even if the majority of the contamination on the property turns out to be below regulated levels, the fill is known to be over 30 feet in depth and contain wood. As it decays, voids will be left creating areas of subsidence. I am not a geotechnical expert, but anyone who has cut down a tree that had roots under their driveway knows what happens then.

Based on this report, all I see are increased costs associated with developing the land. I do not understand why the District would take on the added financial burden especially since it already has its own brownfield, the Transportation Center. Furthermore, why would they spend 2.5 million dollars over the original appraisal? If anything, the property should have been discounted instead of marked up in cost.

Do you have any idea what is going on?

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Claire Olsovsky is leading the investigation on the contamination issue at the new administration site.

Anonymous said...

Wow,Just another cover up at the Edmonds School District. Like the old story. Tell one lie you start telling only lies. Can anyone stop this train wreck. Nick, please help. Marla, please help. Oh, thats right you two are running this train. Hey Gary, please jump off. I think these two are ready to crash soon.

Anonymous said...

How many times does she get to unethically and possibly illegally waste taxpayers money until someone is held accountable? At least have the decency to take a leave of absence so all of this can get straightened out! We care about our kids and our money, but the utter disregard for the law and lack of accountability is unexcusable.

Anonymous said...

something is rotten in Denmark

Anonymous said...

Nice job Claire. Your research indicates how intelligent and knowledgeable you are. I look forward to hear more of what you find. How do we get this information out to the parents and the public so that they will attend a school board meeting and ask the questions the current members need to hear? Remember, nothing will change unless the school board exerts some pressure on Nick, and employees can't do it (if you value your job).

Anonymous said...

How about this, put Nick and Marla's offices on the first floor of the new administration building with ground vent piping leading into them. Let's not forget to do this for the Board of Directors conference room as well. Perhaps a nice private well could be dug for their drinking pleasure!