Sunday, June 07, 2009

Voters will benefit from a televised debate.

June 7, 2009

Dear Susan,

With the recent filing of candidates, I noticed that only the two of us will be contesting the position for Director District 4. This being the case, I am writing to express hope for an open and honest dialogue regarding matters of importance to the Edmonds School District. In the spirit of such discussion, I would like to invite you to debate the issues facing our beloved district at a venue to be determined and moderated by a member of the media.

It is also my hope to obtain your consent to have the debate videotaped for broadcast on local television. Clearly, the voters of our community deserve to know where we stand on the issues. Not every voter may be familiar with our names or the positions we take on matters of great importance. It would be through a televised debate that our community can gain greater insight and develop a more meaningful opinion than just seeing our names on yard signs.

Please respond as soon as possible, as a facility will have to be arranged and a mutually-agreeable moderator will have to be coordinated.


Mark Zandberg, Candidate
Director District 4, ESD15


Anonymous said...

I'll betcha $100 that Ms. Phillips NEVER agrees to this debate--she'd be wiped out!

Anonymous said...

Having Zandberg debate Phillips would be like having USC play
Grays Harbor Community College in football. It's a disaster in the making!
(Of course, some of you are thinking, "But Grays Harbor doesn't have a football team."

Anonymous said...

Go get em Mark! Let me know how to get the word out about your candidacy!

medicine man said...

Dear Mrs. Phillips,

Your tent is folding and your Achilles Heel just rolled up like a Venetian Blind. This debate must be over before it starts. Recommend you punt!

stu pidnut said...

I wonder if susan Phillips facebook page will help her cause? Maybe get her daughter a break on tuition. Way to go smart gal!

Anonymous said...

Mark--When you're ready to have an organizational meeting for your campaign, let us know. Many of your readers cannot openly participate in your campaign for fear of losing their job, but many of us are not employed by the district and would love to help you win in November!

Anonymous said...

The debate is an excellent idea, I am hoping Mark can pull this off. I will send a personal note to Mark offering my support and hope all Bloggers will do the same!

Anonymous said...

@stupid nut: It was Susan PAINE who had the Facebook account publicized on the blog a while back.

@stupid nut and medicine man: I'll be voting for Mark in the upcoming election, but I also know Susan Phillips and don't believe her to be nearly as problematic as the other board members -- too bad Mark couldn't run in another "director" district.

In any case, let's keep the personalities and juvenile comments out of this. They won't do anything to help Mark get elected to the school board.

Anonymous said...

How come nobody else is running against the others? If the public is so unhappy there should be a lot more candidates for each position.

Anonymous said...

If people actually like Susan Phillips they should be happy to have four other board members that have voted exactly like her over the last two years.

We need Mark to encourage debate over the real issues. He has proven that he looks a little deeper than anyone currently on the board. Just read about some of the issues on this blog.

Anonymous said...

How come nobody else is running against the others? If the public is so unhappy there should be a lot more candidates for each position.

Because the public looks at what goes on in Seattle Public Schools and realizes that Edmonds School District, by and large, has its act together?

My guess is that most of the public is reasonably happy with Edmonds School District, hence no desire to try and shake up the system. I wonder how many voters would even watch the proposed televised debate?

Anonymous said...

Put it on the DJ Wilson channel and eventually everyone would see it. So many re-runs.

I would definitely watch.

Susan Phillips said...

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email. I will and plan to take part in candidate forums. I look forward to receiving invitations to particiapte in forums from the many established groups which hold them prior to elections.

Susan Phillips

Anonymous said...

I would not at all doubt that the previous comment is from Susan. In my dealings, at least, the WOMEN of the ESD Board have consistently asked the most probing questions during private sessions and visits. Although I plan on supporting Mark in the election, both in terms of my time and funds, he is not in for a cakewalk. Susan Phillips has never struck me as the kind of person who is "light" in the brain. By posting in this forum, she is already saying "bring it."

Should be a race about issues. And that, my friends, is what Mark is all about! said...

Susan Phillips did not post anything in this forum. She emailed me directly and I posted it here on her behalf.

I have the highest regard for anyone who is prepared to spend their Tuesdays in service to the District. Unfortunately, if you are willing to spend such time, your time should be spent working hard to serve the public and not just assuming that every member of staff has the public's interest in mind.

Anonymous said...

It's easy for Ms. Phillips to say, "I will and plan to take part in candidate forums" because when was the last time there was ever a debate between school board candidates? (If you know, please let us all know.)

At a meeting, in the fall of 2007, the city of Edmonds introduced the school board candidates, along with city council candidates, but it sure wasn't a "debate." It was just a friendly "forum" that's easy to participate in.

Anonymous said...

Actually Susan Phillips has been willing to listen to parents who take the time to talk with board members. I'd much rather see a couple of other seats contested. Figures. Well, bring on the forums, debate is always good.

Anonymous said...

Mark's record on dealing with parents, staff and members of the community is well known. While Susan Phillips may be very receptive, and far better than other people on the Board, she is one of just two positions open this cycle.