Thursday, November 06, 2008

Things that are holy are revealed only to men who are holy.

So far, on all of these issues where board policies and state law were violated, where the superintendent lied repeatedly to protect the sanctity of the board and its members, where crooked deals were pieced together to enrich friends and associates on the District's dime, we have seen something rather amazing unfold. The board and its tentacles are so enamored by themselves and their minions that all logic, fact and basic extrapolation are thrown out the window in favor of a simple tenet. They are God.

The Board is infallible, therefore all supporting evidence must be fabricated to support any conclusions they have already adopted - with the greatest of faith and divine intervention, no doubt. Anyone that dares speak against the sanctity of the Holy Board must immediately be labeled a heretic and cast asunder.

Contrary to this opinion is an ever-expanding string of irrefutable facts all leading to a simple conclusion of District corruption. We have the single cell organisms. We have the amphibious vertebrates crawling from the primordial soup. We have the prosimian. We have the Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapien. We have the Olduwan, Acheulean, Iron Age and the Industrial Revolution. We have all of the evidence demonstrating the depth and scope of corruption in the District, but the Board, in all of its holiness, has adopted a new way of thinking: Facts are meaningless unless ordained and consecrated by the Holy Board.

Editorial: The Scientific Method seeks conclusions from facts while the Creationist Method seeks facts to support conclusions.


Anonymous said...

My first thought would be a vote of no confidence. This would be done at a school board meeting. By law the district would have to deal with this kind of disapproval from the tax payers and district employees.

Anonymous said...

I think the District should be sued into compliance regarding the Gary Noble issue. I know several people that are willing to support such a solution.

I will email you.

Rick Jorgensen said...

What are the mechanics for a vote of no confidence? What is the specific RCW that supports this? I would be very much in favor of supporting this as well.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an over abundance of corruption and general disregard for anything approaching common decency, respect and just plain ethics.

For shame, for shame, for shame! The dirty swindlers. Is there anyone left for our children to look up to?

None of these folks that have been exposed on the blog are good role models for our children. A sad day for education in the Edmonds School District. It all seems to center around one egotistical woman who has some hypnotic control over her peers.
Very strange.


Anonymous said...

go to YAHOO! and type in . How to write a "vote of no confidence".

nick marla school board and friends.

you guys just never learn.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "CULT" to me; meaning Marla & Company. She is running the "show"; how does she get by with this? Is her "boss" BLIND??

Rick Jorgensen said...

Unfortunately, individual citizens have no right that I can see to call for such a vote. The Teachers Union or the PTA could but from what I can see, the board can simply ignore it or refuse to acknowledge it. Only through the media or the board iteself can such an action have any impact. The only way an individual can have a voice at the board meeting is via the infamous 3-minute "public comments" section (which they never respond to anyways). It's also been proven that even when the room is packed with parents, only lip service is given and you get directed to the superintendent or the CPC.

Unless I'm missing something......

Anonymous said...

The problem is the renegades at the Ad Center were not voted in. It is a win, win situation for them. They were probably able to write up their own severance packages and retirement packages, of course with the blessings of an impotent Board. These are contracts that cannot be easily dissolved even if these people end up being found guilty of various charges leveled against them by well meaning people. They will be a drain on us long after they are gone. They are well aware of the beauty of a binding contract in the hand. It happens all of the time in government, no different here. They will be laughing all the way to the bank!

They also hand picked, nurtured, and trained those that will follow
them when they are gone and helped them write up their packages.

Managers from the top down are becoming more and more dehumanizing as time relentlessly moves forward.

It has been said that some of these ghosts of the past, alluding to previously retired upper management, are still lurking around the district being paid as advisers and consultants to the nare-do-wells, collecting their retirement as well as exorbitant fees for little work. Cut them back or off like you cut off or cut back people who actually do or have done honorable work for the district.

I would not call it a cult, but it is definitely a culture. A nasty one.

What a sad legacy! When will it end.

Anonymous said...

The picture on this blog entry scares me. The guy looks like a pervert of some sort. Can you please just use happy pictures next to your blog articles? Thanks, Tinkerbell

Anonymous said...

That is Warren Jeffs. He runs a cult that exploits children for the benefit of adults ordained by God.

Just like the District.