Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blogging for a better tomorrow.

In the interest of providing an opportunity for our community and school district staff to have an honest and uninhibited discussion on matters of importance, this blog has been created. Rather than hold our tongues and pray for positive change to happen by a stroke of luck, the process can be helped along.

Shortly, this blog will have the functionality to allow anonomous posting of new information, as well as comments to posts contributed by others. While the comments will be moderated, the conversation can flourish without regard for identifying authors.

I look forward to continued service to our community.

Mark Zandberg, Moderator
Former Planning and Property Management Specialist
March 2001 - June 2007

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Anonymous said...

The Capital Fund: What Is The Spending Criteria?

In 2000, approximately $900,000 of safety improvements to facilities was identified as mandatory to bring the Edmonds School District up to current safety regulations. Use of reserves in the Capital Fund was not considered an option to pay for these required upgrades. Instead, the District waited four years to present a capital levy to the voters to pay for these changes.

Why did the District choose to guard its capital reserves when it came to the health and welfare of staff and potentially students? More importantly why did it not when it came to recent land dealings? Who made these decisions and why did the School Board allow it to happen?