Friday, March 20, 2009

Save a fortune and cut the Supe's handmaidens.

March 17, 2009

Dear Colleagues (and taxpayers):

We are all are busy with the work of serving students and others before us each day. Still, since the 2009-2010 budget has the potential to touch so many, I am of the opinion that you will want to be kept informed. The process, including the 4 open public meetings in May, is as it was outlined in my previous e-mail on this topic. However, attached is the updated "list" which reflects work ongoing that continued into Monday of this week. Most of the list is the same, however, there are a few changes as summarized:

Potential savings from reduced bussing service within 1 mile radius of schools had to be lowered due to safety issues impacting the number of routes we can alter.

We have developed more district office administrative and district office staff reductions and these are now shown.

Due to intensive support classes at 6 of the elem. schools on the previous list and related schedule/staffing complications, the LMS reductions have been modified.

Detailed analysis showed the potential elimination of 5th and 6th grade general music in diverse schools to be very problematic in terms of scheduled planning time, thus that changed and now involves 5th grade instrumental.

When you open the attachment to review the updated list, you will also note there is a contact person associated with each idea who can provide additional information for that respective item. Also, thanks to those who have been sharing ideas for research and consideration as we continue to work on possible budget reduction concepts for next year. In closing, please remember this is not a final list and is still a work in progress.

Thank you for your continued caring and professional service in these most challenging times.

Nick (Brossoit)


Anonymous said...

This guy couldn't construct sentences to save his life.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't about a debate on the cuts themselves and their priority on the released list be more productive than criticizing the guy's sentence construction?

For example, why are materials, professional development, and a "literacy coach" lower down on the list for cuts than teachers?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Don't you just love the lack of ability to meet WASL standards. Punctuation, sentence structure, and coherence is about a 2.

Anonymous said...

Where is eliminate $20,000 table rental for WASL testing by using table/desks already on site?

Anonymous said...

We can't do that above, because that would be taking money from ABC rentals, and Marla would lose another corporate sponser for her piggy bank.

Anonymous said...

Save a fortune and maintain some semblence of a quality education. The cuts that directly affect students are getting worse by the surprise in the current budget crisis. While the superintendant staff is secretly conducting a bigger list of cuts...hard to imagine they're going to cut themselves isn't it??? Great teachers are being lost to buildings while they are forced to keep the dead weight teachers who have one more year in the district...this is where performance assessments would be helpful...we lose a great teacher in our building that has contributed greatly to kids education while the handmaidens feel secure....when will the cuts focus on paring down the wasted thousands such as the overkill in supervision in maintainence and custodial departments for example? We can't afford to keep two people in that department making over 65 (one who is foul mouthed,in front of staff and students you guess who she (did I say she?)is??? and one over 100k. Does it really take 200+k a year to supervise this department? I think not

RonM said...

These budget cuts are really affecting a lot of KIDS and it would be great for individuals to attend the district meetings so that NICK knows how people feel.