Friday, May 23, 2008

Stop selling chickens and start selling pelts.

As we wait for the results of the 2007 audit by the State Auditor, it is important to remind everyone that Mr. Sonntag's audit team missed a fairly obvious case of embezzlement for a number of years and it was only after district staff exposed the issue and brought it to management that the matter was then investigated by the Auditor. They are not so good at finding problems but they have ready-made expressions that they can cut and paste into a report to describe what transpired.

It also continues to amaze me how the District was so adamant that the embezzlement couldn't possibly be happening. Management went as far as to suggest that the budget analyst that discovered the crime had to be mistaken. No doubt a solid "Hen House Fox Protection Program". With all of the foxes raiding the place, we would should stop selling chickens and start selling pelts.

It is also important to mention that the State Auditor, Brian Sonntag, continues to ask the public to call a tip line to report government waste and fraud. It will be interesting to know what sort of response a lengthy list of complaints will receive. According to RCWs and the District's own Business Service's website, the Piano Scam should result in the termination of the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations. I remain confident that the audit report will be watered down and the blame will be cast in the wrong direction.

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