Friday, April 18, 2008

The last gasps of someone trying to delay the end.

In this modern age of technology and the resulting detachment from the real meaning of the Human Condition, we have to be receptive to karma's subtle attempts to communicate with us. There are cues everywhere. We just need to know where to look and, more importantly, know how to see them when they are as plain as our own noses.

The mismanagement at the District cannot continue forever. Those that engage in questionable behavior will start to experience the negative effects of their misdeeds. Whether they see these consequences immediately has more to do with their connectivity to their human self than any university degree or professional endorsement they may have acquired along the way. Bad news follows bad people. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

There is a rather large reaction coming. Brace yourself.

If you are one of these individuals that have been mismanaging public funds - either directly by shoveling business to friends, or indirectly by allowing it to happen while under your "leadership" - the time for corrective force is upon us.

Also refreshing to remember is that great people cannot be kicked around forever. The great people that work for the District will see the sun again. Your careers are like the weather in the Puget Sound. A lot of gray skies. A lot of rainy weather. But the sun is coming. Be strong. Buy sun screen.


Anonymous said...

I get her chair.

Anonymous said...

It will cost yo a dollar in surplus.

Anonymous said...

How is it that the people making the decisions on goes in this round of budget cuts, are the worst offenders? This is a bit beyond me. As long as we keep somewhere between 6 and 8 characters on the superintendents staff, we should be in great shape. This will be our plight in the upcoming years. Cut the supe staff in half and make room for people that really care. said...

The situation at the District will only last as long as the community will allow it. Unfortunately, I fear our rapidly-changing community is starting to see public education as a place to store children while parents are at work.

The parents that are engaged in the issues are perhaps easily smitten by fluff and not looking for substance.

Anonymous said...

A couple of questions from the school board agenda and meeting minutes:

1) how come "The property-generated construction financing and construction of the new District Support Center and Alternative Learning Center are on hold" (minutes of March 25th). I thought Marla said these projects were fully funded?


2)Agenda for April 22,
"Single reading, approve Board authorization to indemnify Brian Harding, Director of Facilities Operations, Resolution #08-18."

"Single reading, approve Board authorization to indemnify Marla Miller, Assistant Superintendent, Resolution #08-19."

These two are now financially protected from liability as a result of their illegal and unethical activities?

I thought the reason for their high salaries is because they have so much responsibility? Instead, the taxpayers get to pay twice; once for their misuse of public funds and again when they are held accountable?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people residing within the boundariies of ESD #15 are aware of this issue? Brian Harding I can understand. Anybody who cannot see their own toes should be well insured. Wait... I still shouldn't have to pay for it.