Saturday, December 29, 2007

"We need more industry and jobs."

The intention of applicants MJR Development, Inc. and Polygon Northwest is to develop a multi-family project in the vicinity of the Interurban Trail and west of the Lynnwood Park and Ride. In order to make such a development possible, they have requested a plan designation change from Business/Technical Park (BTP) to High density Multi-family (MF-3). A previously approved office development PUD is still active on this property and the underlying zoning is Light Industrial (LI).

Larry Calvin, owner of NW Development Advisors, P.O. Box 12391, Mill Creek, Washington 98082. Mr. Calvin is represented Mike Raskin (President of MJR Development, Inc.). He informed the Commission that the MF-3 is a more viable option than an industrial development. However, in case it isn’t approved, they are working on an industrial flex-space development as an option. He felt that the 60/40 goal was the primary obstacle to their 2003 proposal, but are more confident this year because that goal is being considered for removal.

Ted Hikel, Lynnwood City Council Member, disagreed that the 60/40 was the main problem. Instead, he pointed out that the Raskin property contains 85% of all developable industrial land in Lynnwood and the Council is aware that we need more industry and jobs.

So, either Ted Hikel thinks that school administration is industrial work and would create new jobs, or the City of Lynnwood had their "sites" set on the District moving away from the Alderwood Mall. But Ted, that would create more retail jobs not industrial ones. Perhaps Ted believes mopping floors and deep-frying food is industrial work.

Fun Factoid: Mike Raskin donated $4,200 to Mike McGavick's campaign for state senator. His candidate didn't make it but that extra $2,500,000.00 should soften the blow. Didn't Mike McGavick stick it to Safeco? What's up with these Mikes? Something about birds and feathers...?

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