Thursday, August 16, 2007

We're not in Tumwater - use a map

[Nick to the County Auditor]
We welcome any attention to this matter.

After moving out, Dr. Williams was renting an apartment still in his area that was the “old residence” to which I referred. I never said in any communication that he was still living with his wife. His rental was his residence while he purchased his new home and he was there and did not move until after the filing period. He has documentation to support this and all of the Board members are aware of this allegation.

[ staff]
The evidence presented in this blog clearly demonstrates that Dr. Williams was renting a dwelling at Park Place Apartments on Edmonds Way in Edmonds. No part of Edmonds Way falls inside of Director District #4. Board Policy 1245 requires that this disqualified board member resign immediately.

Fun Factoid: Park Place Apartments was constructed by Burnstead - the same developer that bought half of Old Woodway Elementary.

Here is the legal description for Director District #4:
Starting at the intersection of school district, Puget Sound and Shell Creek. Southerly along Shell Creek to Caspers St. East on Caspers St. to 7th Ave. North on 7th Ave to Brookmere Dr. East on Brookmere Dr. to 8th Ave. North on 8th Ave to Hindley Ln. East on Hindley Ln. to 9th Ave. North on 9th Ave to Puget Dr. Easterly on Puget Dr. to 196th St. East on 196th St. to State Hwy 99. Northeast on State Hwy. 99 to 60th Ave. North on 60th Ave to 188th St. East on 188th St. to 40th Ave. South on 40th Ave to 191st Pl. East on 191st Pl. to 36th Ave. South on 36th Ave/37th Ave to 196th St. East on 196th St. to I-5. Southwest on I-5 to 212th St. West on 212th St. to 66th Ave. South on 66th Ave to 220th St. West on 220th St. to 84th Ave. North on 84th Ave to 218th St. West on 218th St. to 92nd Ave. North on 92nd Ave to 216th St. West on 216th St. to 96th Ave. South on 96th Ave to 216th Pl. West on 216th Pl. to 98th Ave. North on 98th Ave to Pine St. West on Pine St. and extension to Puget Sound and school district boundary. North following school district boundary to the point of the beginning.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess, neither has their doctorate in cartography. said...

Bruce resigns. Nick nominates Marla to serve on the board.

Marla works for Nick, Nick works for Marla, Marla creates board action items for Marla, Marla then directs Nick to sign Marla's said items.

She already runs the District, this would make it official.

Anonymous said...

The good Doctor doesn't care about board policy 1245 as long as he has his little spin-doctor Nick to explain things for him. Yes Nick explain it all to us! Explain how Marla and her stooges bend the rules for themselves. Keep spinning! Weeee!

Anonymous said...

So does this mean any action voted on by Bruce becomes null?

Can we void out all of the financial transactions and get our money back?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it, Evil Dick is still in the house.

Anonymous said...

To "they think we're stupid"

Cartography? You want them to find their way around the District? Their Public Records Designee, Marla Miller, can't even find the document Mark requested even after he told them where to find it.

Anonymous said...

My god, what has come of our district.The web keeps on getting bigger by the day.I don't think superman can save us now.
Mark, thank you for all your hard work. I think alot of us owe you dinner. said...

Thank you for your kind offer, but for me to see you may be dangerous. When they drive burning bamboo slivers under my fingernails, I may reveal your identity. I am mortal, after all.

Better yet, take a friend out to coffee and figure out how we can solve the District's problems - then email it into the blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Nick Brossoit would welcome any attention to this matter. I can't understand how Bruce Williams would welcome the attention his situation is getting. A restraining order is nothing of which to be proud.